Chris Colbert On Missing Weight: “I Just Shaved My Beard A Little Bit”

Chris Colbert makes weight on second attempt

Chris Colbert makes weight
Chris Colbert

Chris Colbert makes weight on second attempt

In the build-up to his July 3 scrap, super featherweight fighter Chris “Primetime” Colbert (15-0, 6 KO’s) has garnered a great deal of attention. Some of this focus stems from comments he made about heavyweight Deontay Wilder. Then there are his statements about his own greatness and rightful place in the division. Yet, soaking up the limelight comes natural to the quick-witted Brooklyn boxer.

The only catch about attracting so much attention is dealing with the harsh criticism of all those watching. In this regard, Colbert dodged a minor bullet when appearing at the official weigh-in. After his opponent, Tugstsogt Nyambayar (12-1, 9 KO’s), tipped the scales to the tune of 129.6 pounds Primetime came in slightly over at 130.2. As is the customary practice, Colbert was allotted two hours to shed the extra weight off.

Being that it was such a miniscule amount of weight, Primetime was able to make the limit after trimming some of his facial follicles. Once done, and after stripping down to his birthday suit, Colbert hit the limit on the head at 130lbs even. Obviously he was happy to officially make the weight and even better, he didn’t have to sweat to do so. Now it’s only a matter of seeing if Primetime or King Tug can make good of their promise of impending carnage.

“I was surprised [at not making weight], I feel like he [the announcer] tricked me. He said one-thirty…point two! Nigga just get to it! I just went upstairs and shaved my beard a little bit. I didn’t do nothing spectacular, but I feel good I am ready to rumble!”

By: Bakari Simpson

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