Hearn: “There Was No Mention Of Eggs From Conor Benn”

Conor Benn Disputes Eggs Findings in WBC Reporting

Conor Benn disputes WBC reporting on eggs consumption
Conor Benn disputes WBC reporting on eggs consumption | credit: Ian Walton/Matchroom Boxing, WBC, Dr Vincent Guyonnet

Conor Benn Pushes Back On WBC Report Blaming Eggs

Even with Conor Benn’s (21-0, 14 KOs) reinstatement in the WBC rankings, he and his camp are far from happy. Benn is upset with the sanctioning body’s rationale behind their decision, specifically Benn’s elevated consumption of eggs. He twice tested positive for the banned substance clomiphene in October 2022.


Their ruling has left many observers questioning the WBC and continuing to criticize Benn. During an interview with iFL TV, Benn’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, detailed the crux of their issues with the WBC.

“In Conor’s opinion, and the scientist’s opinion, horrific errors took place in this process. But the key, I think for Conor, was the eggs . . . They (WBC) requested Conor Benn’s nutritional plan from his nutritionists. He sent it to them.

In the 270-page document, there is no mention of eggs from Conor Benn . . . That is what the WBC has found from the scientific report in relation to the levels in the testing versus the other tests that were around it, that they believe that it was contaminated, most likely from eggs, and that’s not his defense.”

In the aftermath of their decision, Benn released a statement claiming the process was flawed and inconsistent. He contends that the WBC’s official statement was a disservice to him.


The promoter agrees there is a level of accountability that should fall on the WBC.

“There are so many things in this process that make no sense. But the issue is, that is an allegation from Conor Benn to mortar VADA in the labs, and to the WBC testing program. And if that is accepted as the reason, then there’s major problems all around.”

Hearn would like for Benn to move on. But the fighter is hopping mad, feeling he’s done nothing wrong.

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