Derrick James: “Until You See Actual Action, This All Talk”

Derrick James: It’s All Part of the Show

Derrick James
Derrick James

Derrick James: It’s All Part of the Show

At the premiere presser for their highly anticipated rematch, WBC world super welterweight champion Tony “Super Bad” Harrison (28-2, 21 KO’s) and Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (32-1, 16 KO’s) put on quite the spectacle. The two bad-mouthed, degraded and threatened one another with gusto. The dialogue got heated enough that at one point, nervous team members got between the two fighters to prevent an incident. In the end, it all made for a good story.


When questioned about the scene after the fact, Charlo’s chief second, Derrick James, took it all in stride. As he disclosed to FightHype, the verbal abuse that the boxers dealt out to one another was all par for the course. In his mind, unless the two opponents actually got physical with one another, all the harsh words were for selling the fight.

This is not to say that James thought the feelings and emotions were fabricated. The well-seasoned veteran made sure to clarify that the intensity and beef was all very real.

“Boxing is an intelligent man’s sport, the moment you get mad you can’t think, right? So, this is all part of the show, but the fire is real… until you see actual action, this all talk. It’s all words, and that’s how I look at it, it’s all words.” ~Derrick James, Jermell Charlo’s chief second


Naturally, Derrick James expressed confidence that his charge would win the rematch. Although, James was not at liberty, nor foolish enough, to go into explicit detail regarding the adjustments they plan on executing. Unlike his fighter, James was unwilling to label Harrison as a liar. Perhaps he does think it, maybe not, but in the end he wouldn’t speak on it.

For James, the only things that are important are the fact the initial rematch did not take place but the rescheduled match should. Past that, the savvy trainer is focused on preparing for the December 22 fight date and not jaw-jacking in for cameras.

“I don’t get into because it’s like this, what’s tangible, what’s real is the fight didn’t happen. Regardless if it was a real or fake injury, it’s not my issue. My issue was now we got to get ready for Jorge Cota. That was my only thoughts and only desires, I didn’t even think about it after they pulled out. You’ll go crazy thinking about it dwelling on it, so I just focused on the other guy.”

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