Benn: “Based On His Performance I’d Do Eubank In Three Rounds”

Conor Benn Back on the Hunt for a Skirmish with Eubank Jr.

Conor Benn ready to end his rivalry with Chris Eubank Jr.
Conor Benn ready to end his rivalry with Chris Eubank Jr. | credit: PA, Matt McNulty/Getty Images

Benn Says he Would Punctuate Eubank Rivalry with a Fierce KO!

Right now, welterweight fighter Conor “The Destroyer” Benn (21-0, 14 KO’s) and middleweight pugilist Chris Eubank Jr. (33-3, 24 KO’s) share one of boxing’s more bitter rivalries. The two have never fought in the ring but their animosity for one another is all but tangible. In fact, the two were slated to test their might with one another before Benn was flagged for failing a drug test. After months of declaring his innocence, The Destroyer was validated and cleared of any wrongdoing.

Naturally, once he was cleared to fight again, Benn resumed his ridicule and pursuit of Eubank Jr. If given the match now, as he explained to SecondsOut, TheDestroyer feels as though he will quickly and efficiently annihilate his consistent antagonist.

“Listen, I will fight him in a telephone box! Any part of the world, any country, I want to do it for the fans. I want to fight for the supporters because they have had to ride this out with me.”

“[on his prediction for a fight] a concussive, one punch knockout! It won’t be a flurry, it’ll be a one-shot done. And he thinks, after watching his last performance, that I retract my statement about me doing him within rounds. Based on his performance I’d do him in three rounds!”


Given the blistering rancor that colors their feelings for one another, it would be easy to foresee them mixing it up next. At the same, this is not a fight that one can assume will be penciled in next. Firstly, Benn has not stepped in the ring since his last duel versus Chris Van Heerden back on April 16, 2022. Therefore, he would likely prefer to get in the ring and knock a little ring rust off. Then again, if presented the chance to dance with Eubank Jr., he might very well take it.

For his part, Eubank Jr. has competed twice this year and on both occasions he faced Liam Smith. On the other side of these two battles, they traded knockouts, with Smith first prevailing and then Eubank Jr. snagging a large measure of payback in their immediate rematch. As a result, there is the very real possibility that they could run it back in a rubber match. Assuming that this was the course of action that Eubank Jr. took, Benn will be forced to wait and see who walks away on top in the third scrap. Luckily, regardless of how the cards may fall, 3Kings Boxing will be here to keep you plugged in play by play!

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