Cardenas Upsets Pedroza And Cuello Dominates Garcia

Rafael Pedroza vs Ramon Cardenas Card Recap

Rafael Pedroza vs Ramon Cardenas card winners
Rafael Pedroza vs Ramon Cardenas card winners

Ramon Cardenas Stops Pedroza as Mirco Cuello Wins Decision

In the main event of the SHOWTIME Boxing telecast, super bantamweight Ramon “Dinamita” Cardenas (23-1, 12 KO’s) made short work of #5 (WBA) ranked Rafael Pedroza (15-1, 11 KO’s) in this destructive upset victory. With the clang of the opening bell, the rat-tail toting fighter went after Pedroza in a smooth and responsible fashion. Dinamita quickly established that he could land either of his sharp and accurate hooks on his foe’s jaw. In the first round however, Pedroza ate those shots without any reaction worthy of comment.

The second round came at a much higher price. Once again, Pedroza refused to move his head, strategically block with his hands or step out of range. Happy to oblige this glaring opening, Cardenas resumed shoveling hooks into the Panamanian face. Hitting pay dirt, Dinamita dropped Pedroza with one of those unchecked hooks. To his credit, Pedroza got up, certainly rocked, but seemingly ready to go.

By still making no adjustments whatsoever, Cardenas clobbered Pedroza with one last, relaxed left hook that melted his legs like hot lobster tail butter. After spilling to the canvas like ED-209 down a flight of steps, referee Rafael Ramos rapidly called off the fight in the second round. This was an excellent win on a very visible stage for the young Texan. It will be interesting to see how he and his team can flip this devastating and impressive upset knockout win.


In a rather fast-paced action fight, featherweight fighter Mirco Cuello (13-0, 11 KO’s) bested Rudy “El Tiburon” Garcia (13-1-1, 2 KO’s ) by way of unanimous decision. Right from the start of the match, Garcia rushed Cuello and set a blistering pace that maintained itself through the majority of the duel. In the outset, the Texan was very effective with his jab and aggressiveness. Despite his offensive zeal however, Cuello established himself as the more accurate and harder-hitting competitor as the rounds ticked past.

To complicate matters for Garcia, he was saddled with a cut over his left eye and a questionable knockdown in the fifth. Ultimately, this meant little as Cuello’s own jab, grimace inducing body shots and head-snapping hooks shined the brightest down the stretch. To his credit, Garcia never ceased throwing steady punches or trying to get back in the bout. Unfortunately for him though, his physicality couldn’t overshadow Cuello’s accuracy and more telling shots. This is what lead to Garcia losing a unanimous division by way of a consentient 99-90.

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