Junior Welterweight Maxim Dadashev Passes Away At 28!

Rest In Peace: Maxim Dadashev

Maxim Dadashev
Maxim Dadashev

Junior welterweight contender Maxim Dadashev dies from injuries sustained from his July 19 bout against Subriel Matias!

3kingsboxing.com has an unfortunate report concerning junior welterweight contender Maxim Dadashev. Maxim Dadashev (13-1, 11KO). He has tragically passed away from complication involving a brain injury from his July 19 bout against Subriel Matias. The 28 year-old had been in a medically induced coma before finally succumbing to his injury in the early morning hours of July 23!

After Dadashev’s corner threw in the towel at the end of the 11 round in his fight with Matias, it soon became terrifying clear that something had gone wrong.

As we previously reported, while exiting the ring, his legs gave out and he began vomiting. Once in the ambulance, he stopped responding and lost consciousness. He was immediately transported to a level 1 trauma center where they discovered he had a subdural hematoma, a bleed of the vein under the skull.

We soon learned that doctors performed an immediate surgery removing a portion of the right side of his skull in an effort to reduce the swelling on the brain.

Dadashev was then placed in a medically induced coma, in hopes he would recover. On July 22, it was reported that his condition was either the same or slightly worse as he was listed in critical condition. Eventually his body could no longer hold on, resulting in his heart finally giving out.

When it comes to our beloved sport this is as tragic as it gets. Max was on the cusp of every fighters dream; fighting for a world title. Prior to the fight, he spoke of winning a world championship and bringing his wife and child from Russia to the United States.

What makes this even scarier is there were no clear indicators that anything was wrong until it was too late. Maxim was very much competitive in the fight with Matias as he was never knocked down and most observers felt the most damage dealt out was due to body shots that’s Dadashev received.

That changed in the 11th round when Matias took charge and dealt out several punishing blows to both the head and body, but while hurt, Dadashev never left his feet. When the bell sounded for the end of the 11th round, his trainer Buddy McGirt pleaded with his fighter to let him stop the fight so that he didn’t take any more damage like he had in the round prior.

It was clear Dadashev, forever a warrior, wanted to carry on but ultimately Buddy threw in the towel. Ringside observers applauded the decision, but now that we know it was still too little too late we realize this was something that couldn’t have been prevented. Prior to that last round there was no real justification to stop the fight. Making this scenario all the more tragic.

Maxim leaves a legacy as a respected amateur on the Russian and International level. He was also a skilled professional on the verge of a title shot, but most importantly he was a father and a husband. I can only hope that his wishes for his family can be carried out either by Top Rank or those close to him.

Often times fighters aren’t given the respect they deserve and it sometimes takes a tragedy like this to show fans and pundits alike just what these men and women risk to support their families and chase their dreams.

So next time you hear somebody degrading a fighter or calling them a bum, remind them that these are people with dreams and goals and some of them, like Max, gave their life to achieve these things and that takes a level of bravery the average man cannot comprehend.

For now we here at 3KingsBoxing.com leave our thoughts and condolences with the Dadashev family and we hope they can find peace and comfort in these trying times!

By: Tanner Gill

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