Ohara Davies: “I’ll be knocking everyone out from now on!”

Ohara Davies Plans on Knocking Out All Comers

Ohara Davis Stops Paul Kamanga
June 23, 2018: Ohara Davies (right) stos Paul Kamanga in two rounds.

Ohara Davies’ goal for his career is to no longer leave a fight in the hands of the judges

Ohara Davies aims to begin a knockout streak in 2019 and leave nothing to the judges for the rest of his career.

‘Two Tanks’ (18-2-KO14) was outpointed by world-ranked Jack Catterall in a surprisingly tactical affair back in October and with the super-lightweight division buzzing, Davies is preparing for a statement of resurgence.

“I’m thinking I’ll be back in the ring in April or May. I’ve got to work on a few things and bring back the old OD. When I say that, I mean knocking guys out with the ruthlessness I had in the past.

“I’ve been enjoying my time off. This year has been a really hard year – I’ve been in camp for most of it – so it was time to relax. I was the biggest I’ve ever been but I’ve started back training now.

“As my career has gone on, it’s become about hitting and not getting hit. Before I was hitting and knocking guys out and I think that’s what I need to bring back. That’s the one we’ll see when I return to the sport.

“Joe Hughes just won the EBU title and I wouldn’t mind taking him on because that’s a decent belt. That’s the only name I can think of off the top of my head and prospective opponents are the last thing on my mind right now. I’ll look at the options with MTK Global and Frank Warren in the new year and look at the options.

“I’ll be knocking everyone out from now on. I plan on getting everyone out of there.”

Ohara Davies

Press Release From: MTK Global

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