Keyshawn Davis To Rolly: “I Will Bully You Outside This Ring Squeak Man”

Keyshawn Davis Wants Smoke with Rolando Romero!

Keyshawn Davis calls out Rolando Romero
Keyhawn Davis (L), Rolando Romero | Credit: staceymsnyder

Keyshawn Davis Challenges Rolly Romero to Battle!

When last in the squared-circle, blue-chip lightweight prospect Keyshawn “The Businessman” Davis (6-0, 5 KO’s) secured another impressive win. The Olympic silver medalist pulled this feat off by stopping Omar Behena in memorable and magnificent fashion. Naturally, the Top Rank-pushed fighter is feeling himself and has managed to sweep up the ever-controversial Rolando “Rolly” Romero (14-1, 12 KO’s) in his wide net.

While buoyed in this excited state, The Businessman took to his social media to get some things off his chest. In the midst of this release, Davis took the time to callout Rolly. Yet, the callout was not completely out of the blue considering Romero had a few things to say about the commentary for The Businessman’s last outing.

Rolando Romero takes shots at Keyshawn Davis


Clearly those words struck a chord in Davis.

“Tell Rolly to get in the ring! I already scared his little soft ass, I already shook his soft ass up back in the day when I was about 19! Caught him in the gym, [he] didn’t want to do nothing! You soft boy! That’s why Tank was carrying you the way that he was carrying you, because you soft! Me and you by ourselves, what you going to do to me?! You ain’t going to do nothing squeaky voice. Squeak Man! Dumbass, I will bully you outside this ring, you crazy boy!”

“[…] All these little kids keep mentioning my name for views! All y’all got y’all fathers in your corner, nigga it’s me! All y’all got y’all fathers to save y’all in the corner, got ya little father to hold y’all hand and do all the extra fatherly love shit. Nigga, I get it off the muscle! What are you talking about? I get it off the straight gristle! I don’t need a father to hold my hand, I don’t need nobody to hold my hand! I do this! I’ll talk shit to you and your father!”

“[…] Rolly already know he can’t fuck with me! Squeak man. Rolly ain’t going to do nothing! Me and him in a room by himself, what in the fuck is he going to do with me?! He ain’t going to do nothing! All these little kids mentioning my name, what are they going to do, what are they going to say to me when there is no camera? It’s just me and them by ourselves, what are they going to say to me?”


Honestly speaking, this would be a good match-up for each of the two principle characters. For Rolly, he would face an opponent whose skillset and ability is beyond questioning. Therefore, provided that Romero emerged victorious, this would certainly strengthen his credibility woes by leaps and bounds.

By the same token, through his marketing and relentless self-promotion, Romero has transformed himself into a highly visible fighter in the division. Realizing this dynamic, Davis would certainly aim to destroy Romero on a huge stage in order to usurp the attention being given to him.

Again, honestly speaking, this should not be the greatest task to complete for Davis. Sure, Rolly held his own against Gervonta “Tank” Davis for a few rounds, yet in the end he was caught and stopped by Tank. Past Gervonta Davis though, there is really no one on Rolly’s resume worth bringing up in this situation. So it will be interesting to see if Romero takes the bait or remains wherever he is at.

By: Bakari Simpson

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