De La Hoya: “Manny Pacquiao Is The Biggest Fight For Ryan Garcia!”

Oscar De La Hoya Still Pushing Fantasy Matches?

Oscar De La Hoya still pushing Manny Pacquiao vs Ryan Garcia fight
(L-R) Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya, Ryan Garcia | credit: Instagram, Imago

Oscar De La Hoya Continues Floating a Manny Pacquiao vs Ryan Garcia Bout

As 3Kings Boxing recently reported, super lightweight fighter “King” Ryan Garcia (23-1, 19 Ko’s) is not seeing eye to eye with Oscar De La Hoya. This is not the first time that De La Hoya, former fighter and founder of Golden Boy Promotions, has been at odds with his client. Recently the flames of their discord were fanned by two events. The first transgression in King Ryan’s eyes took place after his first pro loss to Gervonta Davis. Rather than support him during the post-fight activities, the Golden Boy Promotional staff left him hanging like a Christmas mistletoe. Then De La Hoya resumed publicly insisting that he could make a Garcia vs Manny Pacquiao prizefight.


When Team Garcia first told the world that a fight with living legend Manny Pacquiao was soon to follow, King Ryan was ultimately turned into an industry joke. The dream match never came close to being done and Garcia’s reputation took a major hit. Understandably, when the Golden Boy founder renewed this old talking point, Garcia was justifiably miffed about the matter. Clearly though, Oscar De La Hoya did not get the message. This is evidenced by him still trying to sell the fight when speaking with Fight Hub TV.

“Alongside Rollies [Rolando Romero], alongside Pitbull [Isaac Cruz] and Teofimo Lopez who Ryan Garcia mentioned, I think Manny Pacquiao is the biggest fight that can be made!”

One would seriously have to wonder why the famed promoter is still pushing this improbable fight angle. It’s just as mystifying why he’s blowing life into a story that almost certainly will make his own fighter look bad. It’s almost as if De La Hoya is trolling his own client, yet making himself appear foolish at the same time. In all respects, this is a true head-scratcher. The current landscape suggests that Garcia and Golden Boy Promotions are swiftly approaching a bitter fork in the road. No matter what happens though, 3Kings Boxing will be here to report the news.

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