James: “There’s No Money in a Terence Crawford Fight!”

Errol SPence Trainer Derrick James Says Terence Crawford Can't Sell Tickets!

Errol Spence Jr, Derrick James and Terence Crawford
From left to right: Errol Spence Jr, Derrick James and Terence Crawford.

Trainer Derrick James details why Errol Spence Jr will not be fighting Terence Crawford anytime soon!

“There’s no money in a Terence Crawford fight!” -Derrick James

3kingsboxing.com catches trainer for IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr, Derrick James as he claims there is NO MONEY in fighting WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford anytime soon and breaks down EXACTLY why!

Conducted By: Rick Mohamed

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  1. Beating Crawford is where you make history. I think Tim Bradley is right when he says Errol Spence is afraid of Crawford. If Errol beats Porter, he then has two belts, beats Crawford then Errol has three belts, and then fighting Manny would be not only the big payday, but for Undisputed Unified Champion. Something Errol clearly doesnt want. I never thought of Errol as a coward but now after hearing this..

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