Derrick James: “Danny Garcia Is A Winner!”

Derrick James has a great deal of respect for ‘winner’ Danny Garcia

Derrick James and Danny Garcia
Derrick James (left), Danny Garcia

Derrick James has a great deal of respect for ‘winner’ Danny Garcia

When planning to go into battle, it is often a good idea to respect and not underestimate your opponent. Clearly this is not a mistake that head trainer Derrick James intends to make. On December 5 his fighter, IBF and WBC world welterweight champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr (26-0, 21 KO’s) will face Danny “Swift” Garcia (36-2, 21 KO’s). On that date, James will be looking to tangle with the very best version of the former world champion.


When appraising Garcia as a fighter, one has to acknowledge his power, chin and resume. Those characteristic are a given. Yet, for Derrick James, one of Swift’s great assets is his mental ability to win.

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For the seasoned chief second, as he revealed to Brawler Sports Media, Garcia’s knack for coming out on top in tough fights is remarkable. And James notes that in a number of those victories, he went into the prizefight as the underdog.

“Listen, Danny is a winner! Even though he has two losses he is a winner. He’s beaten people nobody thought that he would beat.

“And he struggled with people that people thought he would have beat…but listen, he is a winner. Let’s put it like this, no other welterweight other than Manny Pacquiao has a resume like his.

“I’ll say it again, no other welterweight fighter, other than Manny Pacquiao has a resume even close to his.”


Keeping all of Swift’s weapons in the forefront of his mind, James realizes that Spence must bring his A-game. Now is definitely not the time to get caught looking up the road or careless.

“Because if he is not getting up for that fight, if he is not motivated for that fight, how good he is doesn’t matter. I think that this is a dangerous fight to take either way.

“You may not be inspired, you may not get up for this fight and he’s up! Let’s put it like this, when Errol Spence fought Shawn Porter nobody has fought that Shawn Porter before.”

“Errol Spence made that guy better. So I am sure that he is going to make Danny Garcia better also. Danny is going to come in 1000% and he is going to be ready!

“So I think that it’s very interesting. I’m looking forward to it.

By: Bakari Simpson

Interview By: Ricardo Mohamed

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