Michael Williams Jr Set To Return After First Defeat

Michael Williams Jr Looking To Shake Off Embarrassing Defeat In Comeback Fight

Michael Williams Jr poster
Michael Williams Jr poster

Michael Williams Jr to Return April 23

In boxing, when a fighter suffers the first defeat of their career, the recovery process can be brutal. It takes even longer when it is a brutal beating seen on national television and fans turning them into memes. The return of prospect Michael Williams Jr (19-1, 12 KO’s) is a good sign the young man’s mental make-up is solid.


In December 2021, Williams Jr suffered the most embarrassing defeat of his career, receiving five knockdowns in four rounds, with each knockdown worse than the last. Looking to make a splash in his first nationally televised fight against undefeated John Bauza ended in disaster, with the father Michael Williams Sr catching a lot of harsh blowback in the aftermath.

Williams Sr took heavy criticism for not stopping the fight after the third or fourth knockdown, putting his son’s health in danger. He did face the music going by on social media and acknowledging he should have stopped the fight. The young man was not supposed to return this year as he focused on becoming a police officer.


Well, they are coming back sooner than expected and look to be stepping back on the gas stronger than ever. After taking some time off from the sport, the hunger to fight never died. Michael Williams Sr dropped the news on social media.

Michael Williams Sr announces the return of Williams Jr.

Furthermore, Williams Jr will not be jumping up and down in weight. They are looking to campaign in the welterweight division. In life, no matter how hard the fall, you must get back up otherwise you are proving the critics right.

It takes a special kind of fighter and team to come back from such a defeat, and it appears that both the father and son are prepared to turn this extreme negative into a positive. It will be interesting to see if the young man has fully recovered mentally. There is only one way to find out by: tuning in to the upcoming bout set for April 23.

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By: Garrisson Bland

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