Katie Taylor Easily Defeats Mandatory Challenger Miriam Gutierrez

Katie Taylor Batters Miriam Gutierrez

Katie Taylor gives a thumbs up as she makes weight.
Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor Dominates Mandatory Miriam Gutierrez Over Ten

Katie Taylor one of the best women’s boxers of all-time already! Becoming the third ever undisputed women’s champion in history in just her fourteenth professional bout, Taylor is no doubt one of the more skilled fighters today.

She received a lot of criticism after a close decision victory over former WBC champion Delfine Persoon in 2019. Many believed she should have lost that fight and did not deserve to be crowned an undisputed champion. To prove the doubters wrong, Taylor gave Persoon a rematch in her last fight and won convincingly.

Miriam Gutierrez is undefeated but virtually unknown. The 37 year-old from Spain spent her entire career beating on other unknown competition in her native country. Nevertheless, she managed to climb the rankings and plant herself as a mandatory challenger for the undisputed champion.


Lets get this out there first. Gutierrez showed tremendous heart to avoid multiple stoppages! She took a hell of a beating from the first round but managed to continue throwing punches even if they had no chance of landing just to show the referee she still something in the tank.

The will to make it to the final bell even made Taylor respect her to the point where she stopped trying to knock her out. After buzzing and hurting her opponent more times than the average human being takes inhales for air in a day, Taylor realized that even if she had hardened Plaster of Paris in her gloves, she would not stop Gutierrez!

There were so many exchanges where this fight could have been stopped. Furthermore, there were so many reasons to stop the fight, even prematurely without anyone arguing the decision…maybe with exception to Gutierrez.


Taylor completely outclassed her opponent in every aspect of boxing! Better IQ, better game-plan execution, better punch placement, accuracy, positioning, decision making…you name it! Gutierrez may have realistically landed 20-30 clean punches throughout this entire fight.

As much as it was exciting to see the master-class boxing ability of Taylor on display, it was more intriguing to see the challenger continue to stay active in between taking massive damage.

Gutierrez was finally dropped at the sound of the bell to end the fourth round. Fans watching expected the referee to just call the bout off regardless of the challenger rising quickly to her feet. Nevertheless, she was allowed to continue on to see the end of the fight.

Of course, Taylor would take the decision to defend her unified status for the second time. When asked what is next for her, the only thing she and promoter Eddie Hearn stated was there is no shortage of fights for her.

Indeed, as fights from the winner of a rematch between undisputed welterweight champion Jessica McCaskill vs Cecilia Braekhus to WBC junior welterweight champion and amateur rival Chantelle Cameron hang in the balance.

By: EJ Williams

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