Devin Haney: “Don’t Make No Excuses For Ryan Garcia”

Haney Wants his Full Credit When he Beats Ryan Garcia

Devin Haney stands across from Ryan Garcia
Devin Haney (IG:@fightgistmedia) wants full credit for defeating Ryan Garcia (Cynthia Vance/Showtime)

Ryan Garcia’s Tactics to Potentially Undermine a Haney Victory

WBC junior welterweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (31-0, 15KO) doesn’t want anyone giving “King Ry” Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20KO) any excuses come fight night. 

Garcia’s antics and bizarre behavior have been the talk of the fight promotions. Despite telling the boxing public that he’s just trolling, many inside the boxing community truly believe something is wrong with him.

Some pundits believe the Californian outbursts are part of the reason the early ticket sales were down, as fans feel that Garcia is mentally unstable.


In the final presser, Garcia’s erratic behavior was on full display to the point Haney even said something was wrong with him. Yet, the WBC champion also requested that he get full credit for the victory, regardless.

“Listen, I want the world to give me my credit when it’s all said and done. It’s from all my years of hard work, dedication, and discipline don’t make no excuses for this guy. I don’t want to hear nothing about nothing. All my hard work will pay off and I want the world to give me my just do when I smash this motherfucker.”

Devin Haney

Given the fact that members from Team Garcia are on record claiming that it’s all an act, The Dream should get credit if he’s victorious. Also King Ry has stated he feels stronger going into this fight because he’s not being weight drained as was the case in the fight against Abdul Wahid aka Gervonta Davis.

The reality is there are some fans that won’t give him credit due to questions about King Ry’s mental state. In this author’s opinion, Garcia’s tactics were to help promote the fight. Although this is a method that the boxing world has never seen before, yet it has the potential to devalue Haney’s accomplishment.

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