Bill Haney: “I’m Sending Devin In There To Kill Ryan Garcia!”

Bill Haney Is Calling For Blood!

Bill and Devin Haney look at Ryan Garcia with bad intentions
Bill Haney wants Devin to extract revenge from Ryan Garcia (IG:@snacsystem, )

Bill Haney Wants Devin to Claim Retribution from Ryan Garcia!

Throughout the pre-fight build up, Team Haney, both father and son, have carried themselves as professionals and classy businessmen. Now that the week of the fight is here however, WBC junior welterweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (31-0, 15 KO’s) and his father and chief second, Bill Haney, are becoming far more volatile. Oddly enough, his opponent, Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KO’s), has promised to “get it back in blood,” on April 20. However, it seems the tables have turned.

“He has violated on so many different fronts and when you violate that bad, and you violate in New York, well you know there are consequences and repercussions. And I am not smiling about what’s going to happen to him on April the 20 . . . he’s violated every member of my family, he’s violated the religion that we represent, he’s violated his religion, he’s violated boxing politics and ethics, just on so many fronts . . . I’m sending Devin in there to kill him, literally!”


When the fight was first signed, this time, Garcia quickly took to social media and dumped a barrel full of madness onto the information highway. He behaved in his bizarre manner so frequently that it was believed that he’d never make it to the ring. Now that fight week is here, the focus is on what version of Devin Haney will show up?

Up to this point in his career, Haney has primarily been pigeon-holed into the description of a safety-first boxer. Barreling into this duel however, some are beginning to believe that Ryan Garcia has gotten into his head. Provided this is true, the logic follows that perhaps Haney will turn in a less than disciplined performance and may open himself up to getting clipped. There is some logic to this. The Dream is out here shoving and his father is plotting a red rum murder to be aired on pay-per-view, so clearly Team Haney has entered into a barbaric mental space.

Only time will tell what will happen in the ring. Yet with Garcia’s behavior so far, he is sure to have a few more tricks up his sleeve. Until fight night though, let’s see what other stunts and hijinks Garcia can fit in before its show time!

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