Garcia: “I Was Going Through Severe Pain & Crying All The Time!”

King Ry Claims his Tank Camp Was Riddled with Troubles

Ryan Garcia admits to crying in fight camp
Ryan Garcia admits to crying in fight camp | credit: Instagram

Ryan Garcia Confesses to Crying and Drinking in Fight Camp

Two years ago, in the biggest duel of his professional career, junior welterweight fighter “King Ry” Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KO’s) lost to Abdul “Tank” Wahid. After being socked in the ribs with a gloved stick of dynamite, King Ry bent the knee for a count of ten. Naturally, there was a slew of fans and observers who branded him a quitter and soft.

Now, in a Q&A with Fight Hype, Garcia set out to justify why he willfully submitted to Wahid in the ring. Apparently, his training camp was fraught with complications and travails.

“I was running with my rib separated and I was limping and running to lose the weight. People don’t know that I was crying because nobody understands the pain that I am feeling. ‘Oh you got it! oh you got it!’ What do you mean I got it? I don’t got it! That’s the thing, I don’t got it!”

“I was going through severe pain and I was crying all the time because I had to lose all that weight. It wasn’t fun, that wasn’t a fun moment in my life. Eating so little, I was dehydrated the whole training camp!”


Beyond his confessed physical ailments, Garcia also itemized some emotional and mental issues that may be concerning.

“I want to be open, I really do. I want to be open about it because I think that it’s important for people to hear, you know? It was so bad and depressive to me that I would drink. I would have alcohol in the camp. And I never do that, but I would drink. A week before the fight, I had three beers. Why’d I have beers, why did I do that? I was trying to figure things out, I was trying to relax!”


At the present time, Garcia is a bit all over the place. After volunteering to face WBC 140-pound champion Devin Haney and talking himself into a major fight, he abruptly jumped ship. King Ry called himself going to dance with WBA junior welterweight champion Rolando Romero. His plan blew up in his face when Romero instead opted to clash with Isaac Cruz rather than Garcia.

He then challenged his promoter to a showdown. Now, King Ry has revealed that as recently as the Tank fight, he was confused, crying for days at time, feeling lost, depressive and felt the need to lean on the bottle during the training camp for the biggest fight of his life. For a young fighter with a short professional career so riddled with false flags and cries for help, this is definitely not a good look.

It will be very interesting to see who Ryan Garcia selects as his next opponent, and if he makes it to the ring to face them. The way he moves and conducts his interviews will also be a hot topic. Just like the black roller that he caressed, relieved stress and pleasured himself with during the entirety of the interview is sure to be. So, let’s sit back and see what the next zany chapter for Ryan Garcia is going to look like!

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