Eddie Hearn On Oscar De La Hoya: “It’s Sad, I Want Him To Get Help”

Eddie Hearn wants Oscar De La Hoya to get some help

DAZN promoter Eddie Hearn speaks into a mic, Golden Boy CEO Oscar De La Hoya at a podium
Eddie Hearn (left), Oscar De La Hoya

Eddie Hearn wants Oscar De La Hoya to get some help

DAZN promoter Eddie Hearn has been dealing with the aftermath of newly crowned unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk dethroning former champion Anthony “AJ” Joshua. Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya decided to kick Hearn during this low point, but the British promoter turned the other cheek, hoping De La Hoya gets some help.

It is no secret that Oscar De La Hoya has been a little salty since cash cow Canelo Alvarez left Golden Boy. The unified super middleweight champion’s relationship with his former boss turned into a very public, ugly divorce that once prompted Alvarez to tell his former business partner to “Go fuck yourself”.

De La Hoya targeted Hearn during a live video on social media. He had a rant suggesting the British promoter only promote in the UK and has ruined Joshua’s career.

“Edward Hearn, that guy should fucking promote in the UK, stay away from the US! He does not know how to promote…..Eddie Hearn ruined Joshua’s career.”

Keeping things in perspective, Joshua’s career is far from over, and he is viewed as one of the most popular athletes in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, AJ could still win back the championship in the rematch.


During an interview with Boxing Social, Hearn spoke about the situation, and in classic British gentleman fashion, he turned the other cheek.

“I don’t know. I mean look, some people messaged me last night saying, ‘Reply! Tweet him this, tweet him that about what you are going to say.” It’s sad. Although, he is having a pop at me, I find it quite sad, and I just want him to get help. I am not going to start going backward and forward because I respect the guy. He was an unbelievable fighter, he’s a legend in the sport. It is just sad to see…I hope he can sort himself out, and that is just that.”

In fairness, there is a lot the DAZN promoter could have said. For example, Alvarez left the Golden Boy stable and Joshua seems to be happy enough that he signed a career-long promotional contract with Hearn.

Moreover, he could have pointed out how De La Hoya’s former protégé is very comfortable having the British promoter help take his career even further. Nonetheless, Hearn decided to take the high road instead of gloating.

By: Garrisson Bland

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