Welterweight Prospect Elijah Seawright: “I Don’t Have Time To Play”

Elijah Seawright Looking To Put South Carolina Boxing on the Map

Welterweight prospect Elijah Seawright waves from the ring
Elijah Seawright

Elijah Seawright Looking To Put South Carolina Boxing on the Map

Many young fighters have pretty much the same objective. They aspire to their way up to hopefully boxing a world champion and “making it big”. Attaining that goal is not just about how physically gifted and talented you are. It’s also about the sacrifices you are willing to make both in and out of the ring. Those intangibles were obvious as 3KingsBoxing interviewed welterweight prospect Elijah Seawright (4-0, 4 KOs).

The 19-year-old out from Columbia, South Carolina took the non-traditional route to the professional game. He only had ten amateur fights but did a heavy amount of sparring and engaged in a series of smoker bouts against adults at the Fort Jackson military base.

As a pro, he’s an athletic boxer-puncher with terrific hand speed and excellent footwork. He’s guided by his father/trainer, Kevin, out of the Battle Boxing Gym in Columbia. Another influence has been strength and conditioning coach Paulie De Turio, someone Seawright credits for helping him out mentally as much as physically.


“He works on how our brain works when we’re under extensive training and extensive workouts helping our reaction, fixing our reaction, and stuff like that… You can just see the difference in my muscles. We work on muscles that a lot of boxers don’t necessarily work with that’s helpful in the ring. He has done so much for me.”

So far, all of Seawright’s bouts have taken place in South Carolina. But one of his goals for 2022 is to gain more exposure throughout the southeast. He also wants to steadily progress and move up the ladder. 


The kid acknowledged he has a few fighters targeted to fight. Keeping it respectful, he would not publicly say who those fighters are when asked. But when questioned whether which of his targets could beat him, he held nothing back.

“None… I don’t have time to play. I don’t have time to mess around and party and stuff like that. My mind is strictly into the game of boxing… I’ve been putting in some work, countless hours of sparring, countless hours of working out.

I don’t neglect any workout. Every workout is an experience, every type of sparring is an experience. I’m just excited for my career.”

Elijah Seawright is a young man on a mission. His next fight is on December 11 as he faces Jeremiah Scott at the Jamil Shrine Temple in Columbia, South Carolina.

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By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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