Leonard Ellerbe: “What Jean Pascal Did Is So Fucking Disgusting!”

Leonard Ellerbe says Jean Pascal’s excuses are bullshit!

Jean Pascal, Leonard Ellerbe
Jean Pascal (left), Leonard Ellerbe

Leonard Ellerbe says Jean Pascal’s excuses are bullshit!

Generally speaking, when a person is caught doing something that they should not have been doing, they instinctively cop a plea. They will either straight-up deny the wrongdoing or provide a rationale for why they “had” to do it. When recently caught with his hand in the cookie jar, light heavyweight boxer Jean Pascal (35-6-1, 20 KO’s) chose the former option. After being flagged for three separate PED’s before his rematch with Badou “The Ripper” Jack (23-3-3, 13 KO’s), the Haitian-born fighter claimed innocence. Going a step further, he immediately threw his strength and condition coach under the bus by insinuating it was his doing.

From the beginning it was hard to believe that Pascal was completely in the dark, given how many illegal substances were involved. Then, days later, Pascal would be flagged for a fourth illegal aid. Yet, the fourth was the most condemning because it was an EPO, which means it could only be taken by injection. So unless the Haitian is the hardest sleeper in the world, there is no way he did not realize he was taking injections!


From the moment that Pascal tried to elude blame, few believed him. Time has obviously made perception worse. Now some in the industry have begun publicly weighing-in on the matter. Therefore it should come as no surprise that Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe chose to throw his two cents in on the matter.

Ellerbe was still closely working with Floyd “Money” Mayweather when Money infamously demanded that Manny Pacquiao undergo stricter testing protocols before their high profile showdown. At the time the move was widely viewed as a ducking tactic to avoid the fight. Yet, since that time, the staggeringly long laundry list of boxers who have been flagged continues to lengthen. Due to this now-established history, Mayweather’s unorthodox demand ultimately shined a bright light on one of boxing’s many dirty secrets.

Having prided himself on striving for a clean sport, there should be little surprise in what Ellerbe shared with Brawler Sports Media.

“It’s so fucking disgusting what Pascal did, this was definitely intentional! So that bullshit ass story he put out blaming his S&C coach, or firing him or some shit is all bullshit! It’s all bullshit, because without a shadow of a doubt this was definitely intentional because a couple of the steroids obviously you have to inject! So it’s all bullshit, and I personally feel like someone like him should be banned from the sport. He should never be able to step up in the ring again!”

Regardless of his punishment, Pascal should expect nothing but more future condemnation such as this!

By: Bakari Simpson

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