Emma Dolan Edges Shannon Ryan By Split Decision

Emma Dolan vs Shannon Ryan Fight Recap

Emma Dolan crowned first-ever British womans champion by defeating Shannon Ryan.
Emma Dolan crowned first-ever woman British champion with victory over Shannon Ryan.

Emma Dolan Undefeated Record Stays Intact Over Shannon Ryan

In a fight that crowned the first-ever woman British champion, super flyweight Emma Dolan (7-0, 1KO) defeated Shannon “Kaos” Ryan (7-1).

With only two minutes to work, both fighters came out looking to land the right hand. The much taller Dolan maintained distance and landed a right hand that put Kaos on the canvas at the end of round two.

Ryan did better in the next round by finding a home for the overhand right. In addition, she tried using angles to close the gap and land countershots.

As the fight continued, both women did a good job enforcing their gameplan. Ryan used speed, footwork, and head movement to get on the inside to land hard countershots before exiting.

Dolan adjusted by landing uppercuts, lead righthands, and left hooks that caught Kaos a few times going backward.

In the closing rounds, Ryan picked up the pace and landed countershots. However, Dolan used jabs and righthands to regain control of the fight.

When the final bell sounded, one judge scored it 95-94 for Ryan with the other two seeing it 95-94, and 96-93 for Dolan.

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