Brandon Figueroa Stays Undefeated; Eyes 122lbs Champions

Brandon Figueroa Makes it Clear He's Ready For the Best

Brandon Figueroa
Brandon Figueroa

Brandon Figueroa continues to dominate at super bantamweight!

Brandon Figueroa (18-0, 14KOs) is going for the WBO interim super bantamweight title against Yofrenz Parejo (22-3-1, 11KOs). Figueroa is a blue chip prospect looking to put a major accomplishment on his developing resume. In the case of Parejo, this may turnout to be his last major opportunity, so he needs to pull off a win at all costs.

To start the fight, Figueroa is true to form in applying relentless pressure and putting Parejo on his backfoot.

The veteran isn’t out of his depths, as he’s landing several hard counter-right-hands and sporadically landing jabs. The biggest takeaway from this dynamic is that this pace basically ensures a victory for Figueroa, even if he loses a round here or there.

The only way to deter this level of pressure is for Parejo to land something significant. As the fight progresses, he is fighting effectively in spots but not quite enough to win rounds. Figueroa is averaging over a hundred punches per round in this fight.

This is working for him because even when he takes clean shots his activity is leaving an impression on both the fans and judges.

In round seven, Figueroa is starting to incorporate his uppercut to damaging effect, while Parejo is looking really gassed. The fight is stopped in the corner as Parejo retires in his corner against the wishes of his corner.

This win puts Figueroa in position to contend for a world title, and he’s definitely ready. As for Yofrenz Parejo he really needs to go back to the drawing board because he’s now facing a future as a journeyman.

By: Corey Cunningham

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