Stephen Fulton: “Brandon Figueroa Is Scary, They’re Protecting Him”

Stephen Fulton Calls Brandon Figueroa a Duck

Stephen Fulton (left), Brandon Figueroa
Stephen Fulton (left), Brandon Figueroa

Stephen Fulton Calls Brandon Figueroa a Duck

In no short terms, super bantamweight contender Stephen “Cool Boy Steph” Fulton (18-0, 8 KO’s) has labeled WBA world super bantamweight champion Brandon “The Heartbreaker” Figueroa (20-0-1, 15 KO’s) as a scary duck. Call-outs and finger pointing in boxing is no new phenomenon. However, Fulton insists that he has receipts.

The gritty Philly fighter explained to Premier Boxing Champions how earlier in his career, Team Figueroa were openly gunning for a bout with Cool Boy Steph. Then one day, things all changed when the Heartbreaker defeated Yonfrez “El Verdigo” Parejo (23-4-1, 11 KO’s) and claimed the interim WBA super bantamweight title.


Even though Figueroa’s “regular” title is superseded by Murodjon Akhmadliev’s WBA super world super bantamweight title, it is still a significant bartering tool. So much so, that Fulton wholeheartedly believes that Figueroa is now running scared trying to protect what he’s got.

“We, my team, as in me too, we asked for that fight! But we we’re told, I haven’t heard that from them, but we we’re told they were looking to go in another direction. And I don’t blame him, I am too dangerous for him to come my way and mess up what he’s got going on. And I know he just got a belt, so he want to hold on for a long time, he want to hold it.”

“I understand that, but I understand as well that y’all did call me out early in my career. And my team said not right now, let’s do it when it makes sense. You got a belt, you making big money, it makes sense right now. Why not do it? Everybody will be watching, we’ll be on a higher platform, why not do it? Cause y’all got the belt and y’all want to go back on your word!”

“But when we was just out there, y’all was still like ‘let’s do it, let’s do it!’. Two times I fought on a card with him and they was saying let’s do it and kept giving me the thumbs up, kept giving me the thumbs up. I’m not even lying, kept giving me the thumbs up. Now it’s like, why y’all not trying to fight me?”


Due to Figueroa’s glaring about-face regarding his willingness to fight in the ring, Fulton has taken the gloves off verbally and has gone straight for the Heartbreaker’s neck.

“That’s why when you named the top guys, I wasn’t even worried about him until you just said. I didn’t even think of him because he is scary. I feel like he is scary and I feel like they are trying to protect him.”

It will be interesting to see how Team Figueroa reacts when they get wind of Fulton’s statements. Will the Heartbreaker decide to silence Cool Boy Steph in the ring, or will he validate Fulton’s sentiments and continue playing keep away?

By: Bakari Simpson

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