Fury Decisions Pianeta; Wilder Clash is Set!

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury

Fury banks ten rounds to prepare for Wilder showdown

Fury came into the ring on a good note to start. He weighed about 1.3 stone (18 pounds) less than he did against Sefer Seferi in June.

Also of note, since announcing his return to the ring, he has lost over 10 stone (140 pounds).

Along with the weight loss, he seemed to have a different demeanor in this fight. No playing to the crowd or joking around; it was all business tonight.

Maybe the reason was the effect of the 6’7″ undefeated WBC champion sitting ringside. 3kingsboxing.com previously reported that if Fury defeated Pianeta, a fight with Deontay Wilder would be next.

Fury resorted back to boxing and moving; the style he employed that allowed him to achieve lineal status.

While the fight was a bit “dry on the eyes,” it was clear he was banking in rounds to get himself prepared for a Wilder bout.

However, that almost never sits well with the fans. The support for Fury was apparent, but the crowd seemed to be less intrigued every round Pianeta came out for.

By the end of the fight, the Belfast crowd booed the former champion.

Pianeta has been knocked out in three of his previous four losses. Fury is not a KO artist by any means, but Pianeta has been stopped by opponents with less knockout ability.

In October 2017, the aging, light-punching Kevin Johnson was able to stop Pianeta in seven rounds. Therefore, fans expected the same from Fury.

Nevertheless, going twelve rounds was good for the “unofficial” lineal champion, as he has not done so since winning that status against Wladimir Klitshcko in 2015.

The official judges had Fury winning all ten rounds as 3kingsboxing.com did also.


Rumored is a Wider vs Fury would take place in November/December 2018.

After the fight, Wilder entered the ring and stated:

“This fight is OFFICIAL! You have never been knocked out before, but you will feel what its like to be hit by the bronze bomber!”

Tyson responded:

“I’m knocking you out bum!”

Is Fury ready for Wilder based on this performance? It’s hard to say, but he believes himself to be and the fight is on!

By: EJ Williams

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