Gabriel Maestre Takes Home Controversial Decision Over Mykal Fox

Gabriel Maestre May Have Benefitted Form A Gift!

Gabriel Maestre flexes with the WBA interim title in the background.
Gabriel Maestre

Gabriel Maestre Gifted Unwarranted Win Against Mykal Fox

Amateur Gabriel Maestre (4-0, 3 KO’s) was awarded the win in an absolute robbery in his American debut. For his premiere outing, the Venezuelan  was out worked and out maneuvered by late replacement Mykal Fox (22-3, 5 KO’s). Originally, Maestre was scheduled to face Cody Crowley but that was before Crowley withdrew having contracted COVID-19.

Fox should have walked away with the win in this fight.

Before jumping ten-toes deep in the professional ranks, Maestre made tremendous noise as an amateur. He was able to compete in the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics games as well as medal in the 2013 World Championships and the 2015 and 2019 Pan American games. The Venezuelan was extremely close to going to the 2020 Olympic games. He was even slated to function as the Olympic team captain. In the end, however, Maestre thought it would be a better idea to focus on his professional career.


The fight opened at a fairly high pace with the much taller Fox circling the ring and Maestre in pursuit. Despite his movement, the 6’3 American stood still long enough to throw punches on a regular basis. As a result of his height and reach advantage, Fox enjoyed a large amount of success with his jab. To his credit, Maestre scored well to the body.

At the top of the second round Fox floored his opponent with a stiff, short left hook. The Venezuelan quickly got to his feet and fought on with a clear head and even went on the attack.

About the midpoint of the fifth round, Maestre caught Fox on the ropes and hammered his body like a DEA battering ram. The assault seemed to dry up Fox’s zeal for combat and for the remainder of the period, his movement felt more like running.

By the sixth his feet were once again strategic and no longer in naked retreat. Over the next several rounds, the towering Fox would begin visibly frustrating the Venezuelan with his vexing, ever-present jab. Along with the jab dilemma, Maestre was finding it near impossible to land a flush blow on his circling, swiveling, twisting and maddeningly elusive adversary.

Over the course of the final three rounds Maestre suffered a glaring drop in vigor and output. With the acidic fatigue of the bout gnawing away at his muscles, the Venezuelan’s accuracy diminished in equal parts. Despite his foes vanishing virulence, Fox never pounced on him but instead opted to stay the course.

Shamefully, the scorecards read 114-113, 115-112 and 117-110 as the judges shockingly gifted Maestre with an extremely unearned unanimous decision. Although the Venezuelan picks up the WBA interim title, an immediate rematch would be the most ideal and honorable course of action. When the crowd at hand heard the decision they booed with gusto.

By: Bakari Simpson

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