Russell Jr To Haney: “I’ll Fight You For 1.5 Million And Beat Your Ass”

Gary Russell Jr Aiming At Devin Haney Again!

Gary Russell Jr taunts Devin Haney
Gary Russell Jr (left) and Devin Haney.

Gary Russell Jr Issues a Challenge to Devin Haney

Well it seems like always, social media is the place to get a message across at rapid-fire speed! WBC featherweight champion “Mr.” Gary Russell Jr (33-1, 18ko) just turned up the flames!

By now, everyone is aware of the conflict between he and WBO welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford. Things got personal and escalated real quick after a seriously disrespectful tone Russell tossed towards the former undisputed champion.

Before that incident, Russell first called out all the top names in the lightweight division. Furthermore, one of the first names he dropped was WBC lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (24-0, 15ko).

Russell made it clear that if the WBC champion wanted that smoke!

“Shorty can get it.”


Now, Team Haney has made it appear as if the offer to fight them wasn’t serious and insinuated that it was the featherweight champ trying to duck them.

Of course, the proud champion wasn’t going to let that fly and took to social media to explain the difference between personal and business.

“Damn Devin, now y’all trying to say I am ducking? Y’all niggas wild as shit man. Ain’t nobody ducking you shorty. You know what I am saying?

“You talking about some, ‘I will fight you for the $1.5 this that and the third.’

“That number $1.5, that’s what I was gonna take for Terence [Crawford]. Cause that shit was personal…that was personal, to be honest with you. He was talking he wanted to break my neck and all this old other goofy shit.

“When it comes to you shorty that number doesn’t make sense. That shit crazy. You was the first one I was trying to sink my teeth in once this Corona shit was over with.”


Russell wasn’t done. He went in on Father/Trainer Bill Haney telling him to “stop it” talking as if he is a boss because they still have to speak with Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn.

The southpaw made a counter-offer along with a message for the Father.

“Tell Eddie to pick the phone up. We already attempted to reach out to him, if this $1.5 is your counter-offer from what I originally tried to offer y’all once the Coronavirus hit.

“Don’t try to bamboozle and poison the people. This shit crazy. Tell them to put another $500k on it. I’ll beat your son ass.

Well as always, the internet is undefeated. Russell went back live and decided to call Team Haney’s bluff.

“Since you playing with me, tell Eddie to send the contract over. I already spoke to Al. Send me the contract. I will fight you for the $1.5. I’ll beat your little ass shorty.”

The Dream wasn’t going to back down and responded on social media with a message of his own.

Devin Haney Responds to Gary Russell Jr on Twitter
Devin Haney responds to Gary Russell Jr.

By: Garrisson Bland

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