Glowacki vs Vlasov: WBSS Fight Preview

Glowacki vs Vlasov

Glowacki vs Vlasov: Poland vs Russia Takes Center Ring!

In political terms, the historical conflicts between Poland and Russia are well documented and date back many years. The fighting between both countries has spilled onto the battlefield and reaches feverish levels when the two meet in sports. Naturally, when Polish boxer Krzysztof Glowacki duels with Russian boxer Maksim Vlaso, an instinctual disdain will be ingrained in them. With their countries’ pride on their backs, the fighters will clash November 10 as part of the WBSS cruiserweight quarterfinals.

Location: UIC Pavilion in Chicago, Illinois
Time: 7:00 (EST)
Way to watch: DAZN app

Krzysztof Glowacki (30-1, 19 KOs)

Since Chicago houses nearly one-third of all Polish immigrants in America, Glowacki should enjoy somewhat of a hometown advantage. Eager fans will surely be rooting for their countryman as he pursues WBSS glory and the semi-finals.

Many still remember the fireworks between Glowacki and Marco Huck in August of 2015 for the WBO cruiserweight title. Huck took the lead on the scorecards by knocking Glowacki down and winning rounds eight through ten. It wasn’t until the eleventh round when the southpaw fired a left-right combination that sent Huck to the canvas. As a result, Glowacki would finish Huck seconds later by knocking him out. The back-and-forth brawl properly introduced American fans to the Polish warrior and showed his potential for bigger fights.

He would return the states in April of 2016 to defend his title against Steve Cunningham. The champion would drop Cunningham four times throughout the bout and cruise to a unanimous decision victory.

Glowacki’s crisp counters and awkward stance make him very difficult to read. He is also good at setting traps for his opponents.

Advice to Glowacki:

It’s a rivalry, but don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Maksim Vlasov (42-2, 25 KOs)

The Russian cruiserweight contender is on a ten -fight winning streak and will be tough for anyone to beat. He has won a slew of minor titles in both the super-middleweight and cruiserweight divisions throughout his career.

Vlasov caught the attention of some when as a super-middleweight, he fought Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez. Through ten tough rounds, the Russian landed solid right uppercuts and right crosses that swelled the Mexican fighter’s left-eye. Even though he lost, the performance gave some insight into Vlasov’s abilities.

Like Glowacki, Vlasov has a very awkward style. His fighting rhythm is hard to time, and he mixes decoy punches with hard punches very well. An accumulative attack on his opponents often goes unnoticed until the later rounds when the damage takes its toll. Olanrewaju Durodola fell victim to this in February, when he clashed with Glowacki. The bigger, more powerful Durodola never seemed able to gauge what shots were solid and which shots weren’t. Consequently, his corner would have to stop the fight after suffering an injury to the jaw.

Advice to Glowacki:

Force the pace of the fight and take advantage of Glowacki’s defensive lulls.


Glowacki wins by SD. The fight will be exciting with both fighters trading knockdowns.

By: Cessell Robinson

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