Devin Haney: “A Fight With Lomachenko Would Define Devin Haney”

Devin Haney: Loma is my Dream Fight

Devin Haney (left), Vasiliy Lomachenko
Devin Haney (left), Vasiliy Lomachenko

Devin Haney: Loma is my Dream Fight

While working diligently and trudging up through the ranks, boxers frequently envision themselves obtaining some form of world championship belt. In those fantasies and motivating images, the fighter captures the title in a thrilling and hard-fought battle. Few, if any boxers, want to be handed a belt or fight someone other than the champion for the title. And this remains true for WBC world lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (24-0, 15 KO’s).

If given his preference, Haney would have loved to have fought WBO and WBA super world lightweight champion Vasiliy “Hi-Tech” Lomachenko (14-1, 10 KO’s). After working himself into a mandatory position, The Dream was eagerly looking forward to a forthcoming fight with Hi-Tech, who was the WBC champion at the time.

However, before the two could meet in the ring, Lomachenko relinquished his actual WBC championship title and took ownership of the WBC ‘Franchise’ concept belt. As a ‘Franchise champion’, mandatory fights are not required. Once Loma was no longer obligated to face Haney, all talks about this potential prizefight quickly dissolved.


Upon Lomachenko releasing his WBC belt, Haney went on to fight, and defeat, Zaur Abdulaev (11-1, 7 KO’s) for the interim WBC world lightweight title. Shortly thereafter, Haney was elevated to the full champion. There is no question that even though he is happy to be champion, Haney would have much preferred to have taken the title from the champion. Haney still holds Loma up as his most desirable fight.

“My dream fight would be with Loma. That is a fight for my legacy, that is a fight that. you know, would define who Devin Haney really is and how much skills and IQ I really have, when I show the world how I beat Loma.”

However, while Haney definitely would jump at the chance to put his paws on his Ukrainian dream fight, Loma is not the only person his radar. Being that his ultimate goal is to prove his own worth in the sport, Haney acknowledges that there are a number of great boxers in his division to test his moxie against. Let’s hope he can climb in the ring with one of them sooner rather than later.

“I am very grateful to be champion during a time when the weight class has so many great fighters. I’m very blessed and I am looking forward to defending my belt against some of these good fighters.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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