Eddie Hearn Breaks Down Speaking on Patrick Day’s Passing!

Eddie Hearn Reflects on the Passing of Patrick Day

Eddie Hearn
Eddie Hearn

Hearn Becomes Emotional Discussing Patrick Day!

One of the biggest stories this week has revolved around New York boxer Patrick “All Day” Day (17-4-1, 6 KO’s). Over the weekend, the talented super middleweight took on Charles “Bad News” Conwell (11-0, 8 KO’s) in the opening bout of the Usyk v Witherspoon telecast.

The program aired live on the DAZN app. After nearly ten full rounds of exciting action, the bout seemed destined to go to the cards. However, Conwell managed to clip and knockout Day just past the halfway point of the final round.

The flow of fight and each fighter’s behavior seemed to nothing out of the ordinary. The knockout punch did not appear overly violent and Day had dealt well with Conwell’s power up until that point. Although, the way that Day’s head bounced off the canvas was somewhat alarming.

The mood was quickly dampened when he remained unresponsive and had to be removed from the ring on a stretcher.

The situation worsened quickly. On the way to the hospital, Day would have a seizure and then fall into a coma. Once at the medical facilities he received emergency brain surgery.

Sadly, all the rapid and efficient medical response would not be enough. Patrick Day succumbed to his injuries and passed away at the young age of 27.

Since the announcement of this grim and depressing news countless individuals have shared their condolences, love and fond memories of the fallen fighter. Amongst those who expressed heart felt responses was Matchroom Promotions promoter Eddie Hearn.

Admittedly, Hearn is the first to acknowledge that he did not know Day very well. The two only talked briefly before his fight with Conwell. Even though they only recently made each other’s acquaintance, Day clearly made a deep impression on Eddie Hearn.

During an interview with IFL TV, the usually very glib and lighthearted Hearn became very visibly emotional when discussing All Day. In fact, he literally began dropping tears, needing a pause in order to compose himself. This reaction by Hearn seems to be very indicative of all who had met Day or shared a more meaningful relationship with him.

Typically when people die, there is almost a knee-jerk reaction by the living to somewhat deify them and gloss over their more notorious short comings.

In the case of Patrick Day however, this tidal wave of love, shock and adulation appear to be on the level. There are some special people on this planet that seem to exude compassion and naturally endear themselves to those that the meet. This appears to be the case with Day.

It’s always sad to lose a fighter in the ring. However, this is a circumstance that strikes way too close to home for a small army of individuals.

Rest in peace Patrick ‘All Day’ Day!

By: Bakari Simpson

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