Hearn On Canelo vs Munguia Heading To PBC: “It’s Not Official Yet”


Eddie Hearn doesn't seem to know what to make of Canelo vs Munguia possibly fight with PBC
Eddie Hearn doesn't seem to know what to make of Canelo (Credit Ed Zurga) vs Munguia possibly airing on PBC

Eddie Hearn Is Not Sure What’s Going On With Canelo vs Munguia

The word within the boxing community is that undisputed super middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez versus Jaime Munguia could still land on PBC and Amazon Prime for May 4. Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn doesn’t seem to know what is going behind the scenes in making Canelo versus Munguia.

What a rollercoaster ride the boxing community has been on over the past few days. News of Alvarez (60-2-2, 39KO) leaving PBC to fight Munguia (43-0, 34KO) and possibly Edgar Berlanga spread like wildfire through a forest. Jose Benavidez Sr. told 3Kings Boxing that his son David Benavidez accepted the minimum to fight Canelo to no avail.

Believing that Alvarez was rejoining DAZN, an explicit Hearn made a harsh statement about PBC’s business mindset.

“The PBC doesn’t want to work with anyone, and now they’re fucked… they’re not willing to let their guys go on another platform to achieve greatness.”


When speaking with FightHype on the recent rumor, Hearn had a less vigorous tone than before.

“I don’t think it’s official yet, we’ll have to see. Obviously, he’s with PBC, isn’t he?… I don’t know, you never really know what’s official and what’s not…but nothing official, I believe. I know that Munguia is a DAZN fighter, so I’m not sure how that will play out with Golden Boy.”

“I don’t know anything official about it. We’ll see what plays out.”

Eddie Hearn

Hearn’s statement about Munguia and Golden Boy brings up an interesting issue. After PBC’s Al Haymon reportedly offered Canelo a fight with Munguia instead of Charlo, boxing fans pondered how would making the fight play out.

The reality is Munguia’s primary promotional company is Zanfer Promotions. In 2018, they signed a co-promotional deal with Golden Boy Promotions. With Zanfer still the primary promotional company, a deal can be made that doesn’t involve Golden Boy.

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