Herring On Facing The Top Guys: “Can’t Go Into Deep Waters Yet”

Jamel Herring Taking Things Slow

Jamel Herring excited about returning to boxing and what lays ahead.
Jamel Herring looking to take things slow but open to a title shot | Credit: Top Rank

Jamel Herring: From Retirement To Being Back In The Ring

Former WBO junior lightweight champion Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring (24-4, 12KO) returned to boxing after a long layoff. He isn’t looking to challenge for a title right now but won’t turn down the opportunity.

In May 2022, Herring retired from the sport after suffering two defeats in a row. Following a decisive loss to Jamaine Ortiz, he stated it was time to enjoy life with his family.


In an interview on Prodigy of Boxing Talk, Herring was very candid in explaining the decision to return to the ring.

“That was rough. But I’ve been commentating now… with commentating, its like as a fighter you’ll get that itch, especially when you’re up close in the ring, you get to see all the fights.”

“Then you start looking at things differently, cause at the same time you’re studying and learning. It was different, but again, I knew I had to change and take a smarter approach to things if I was going to come back and be serious.”

The itch to return to the ring hits every fighter, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise when Semper Fi unretired. On November 7, 2023, he scored a first-round knockout over an unknown opponent, Nicholas Molina.


Herring admitted that despite the return victory, he isn’t looking to jump into deep water and understands there is a difference at the top level.

“Anyone is happy with a victory… I didn’t really get much ring rust off… That is why, if you noticed even now, I’m trying to like call out this guy and that guy and maybe not a world champion.”

“I respect the game of boxing so much where, sometimes, you can’t just jump into deep waters yet… I know for a fact at that top level it’s different…Of course, if the opportunity comes up as a fighter, sometimes you have to take it.”

With new trainer Wayne McCullough and a rejuvenated attitude, Herring is open to all possibilities in 2024.

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