Jarrett Hurd Alludes To Why Ernesto Rodriguez Was Fired!

Hurd Retweet Alludes to Why He Fired Trainer

Jarrett Hurd (left) and Ernesto Rodriguez
Jarrett Hurd (left) and Ernesto Rodriguez (right).

Jarrett Hurd drops a hint as to why he fired longtime trainer Ernesto Rodriguez!

On May 11, Julian “J-Rock” Williams (27-1-1, 16 KO’s) and Jarret “Swift” Hurd (23-1, 16 KO’s) fought a brilliant fight which was immediately labeled as a potential Fight of the Year candidate. Prior to Andy Ruiz Jr’s shocking defeat of Anthony Joshua, Williams’s victory was also viewed as the leading upset of the year.

It was J-Rock’s second attempt at championship glory and he won the day in spectacular fashion. In claiming his spoils of war, Williams walked away with Hurd’s IBO, IBF and super WBA junior middleweight titles.

Shortly after the significant loss, Hurd discontinued use of his long time trainer Ernesto Rodriguez. The move was widely derided throughout the boxing world. Ernesto had initially linked up with Hurd during his amateur days and guided him to his championship glory. From the outside, the sudden removal of Rodriguez appears as a disillusioned Hurd searching for someone to blame.

Fighters firing trainers after a detrimental defeat go together like fire and heat. Given the frequency of the occurrence, and Hurd’s crypt-like silence on the matter, few gave the subject much more pondering.

Williams Weighs In

Hurd’s one time conqueror, Williams, was one of the folks speculating that Swift was just in his feelings. J-Rock even scripted a tweet implying Hurd was displaying a serious lack of loyalty. The Maryland native would only offer a mysterious reply.

He stated that people often place themselves in certain unfavorable situations by running their mouths. Other than telling folks to research the matter on YouTube, Hurd offered no more inside intel.

For those inclined to hunt the cyber files, the dethroned champion seemed to reference an interview Rodriguez conducted with ‘Laugh at First Site.’ In the piece, to Hurd’s credit, Rodriguez was airing what many would label as dirty laundry.

Since those initial tweets, there has not been a great deal more said about the situation. That was until Hurd retweeted a post published by Big Faces Worldwide. The post outlined how Rodriguez himself had soured the relationship. Given the amount of the time which has elapsed and the little attention given the issue, this new retweet serves as an unofficial admission that it was Rodriguez’s loose lips that sunk their relationship.

Implications on Williams vs Hurd Rematch

Confirmation arose of a rematch clause within the original contract in the aftermath of their spirited dust-up. A rematch that Swift had every intention on utilizing.

While the rematch date and announcement have not been unveiled, the popular belief is Hurd will make good on his vow to try to reclaim his seized titles. One possible hold-up is, well, the fact Swift is in between trainers.

Granted, we have not reached the final hour. However, time is dwindling away. The rematch clause was only good through November, which is four months away.

Yet, the situation gets a hair more tricky with Williams’ VADA stipulation.

As champion, Williams is demanding that anyone who challenges for his belt(s) must submit to a minimum of three months of testing with VADA. Due to this uncommon stipulation, although admirable, Swift only has roughly a month’s time remaining to finalize a new contract and enroll in the VADA program.

While it’s not eons of time remaining, it’s more than enough to comply.

Between securing a new trainer, cementing a new contract and hooking up with VADA, Hurd has quite a ‘to do’ list ahead of his desired rematch with Williams!

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By: Bakari Simpson

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