Miller On Lifetime Ban: “I Should Not Be Banned! I’ll Accept Suspension!”

Jarrell Miller Says "NO" To A Lifetime Ban!

Jarrell miller addresses the media
Jarrell Miller addresses the media

Jarrell Miller Once Again Speaks On PED Use!

Heavyweight contender Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller (23-0-1, 20KOs), who recently failed another drug test for performance enhancing drugs, made his first statement regarding this latest setback!

Talking to Fight Network, the New York native said the following.

“Like I said can’t nobody be more outraged than me, I’m the one who lost millions of dollars. I’m the one who has his career on the line. So like I said ain’t nobody gone be more outraged than me.

“But I have to think with a straight mind and figure it out. Sit down with my team, get everything in order and just get everything done the right way.”

On calls for him to be banned from boxing for life.

“Yes I think it’s definitely crossed my mind. But absolutely not I should not be banned. I’m prepared to accept my suspension and I’m willing to do my monthly testing during the duration of my suspension.

“But to be banned for life you’re out of your mind? Because like I’ve said before I did my due diligence. I’ve missed Margret from Goodman. I’m constantly in texting with her. The minute she called me this is where I’m at.

“‘What you want blood or urine? Here you go.’ So I was not running I was not hiding, I’m not going to hide or run from this situation. Like I said before due, to legalities and my case right now, we have to take our best foot forward and get everything done the right way. Before it comes out to the public.”

On 2016 rumor he ran from a drug test.

“Never, never, never.”

This is a huge mess for Miller as he’s in hot water yet again for his inability to sustain from PED use. I’m not shocked nor should anybody else be that he’s against a lifetime ban from the sport. Even if he’s not banned for life, I doubt any promoter will be willing to give him another opportunity given his track record.

Stay tuned to as we continue to update you on this saga.

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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