Mariana Juarez vs Jackie Nava Finally Happening!

Mariana Juarez vs Jackie Nava May 9!

Mariana Juarez and Jackie Nava
Mariana Juarez and Jackie Nava (right)

Mariana Juarez vs Jackie Nava: The wait is over! 

The biggest fight between arguably Mexico’s two greatest female boxers will finally be taking place on May 9 in Mexico and what an event this will be!

Could the wait finally be over? Social media has been in a buzz since WBC female Bantamweight champion Mariana “Barbie” Juarez (54-9-4, 18KO) announced the mega-fight with the first woman to ever hold the WBC title, Jackie “La Princesa Azteca” Nava (35-4-4, 16KO).

Mariana Juarez announces fight with Jackie Nava
Mariana Juarez announces fight with Jackie Nava

Both of these two future Hall of Fame female Mexican fighters have been on a collision course for years. Therefore, you can imagine the excitement amongst the boxing community and Mexican fan base at this news. Even the WBC confirmed the reports on their social media page with this promo picture.

Juarez v Nava promotional
Juarez v Nava promotional

Mariana Juarez

Juarez has a record of 54-9-4 18 KOs. Her career spans over two decades and the 40-year-old champion hasn’t shown any signs of slowing. Against fellow rival countrywoman, she will be making an incredible tenth defense of the title. Barby has been on a tear since winning the WBC championship against Catherine Phiri back in 2017 and doesn’t seem to be willing to take her foot off the gas.

Jacki Nava

Nava also has an impressive nineteen-year career with a 35-4-4, 16 KO record. Furthermore, the former unified super bantamweight champion’s last defeat was in 2011 against “La Guerrera” Ana Maria Torres (28-3-3, 16ko).

Moreover, in her last outing, a rematch that took place ten years later against a great female fighter from Argentina, former world champion “La Tigresa” Marcela Eliana Acuana (49-7-2, 20ko), ended in a draw in May 2019.

The 39-year-old former champion is unquestionably eager to get back into the win column. Doing so against the one rival she has been linked to for so long would be perfect.

Regardless of the outcome, both of these female greats have been considered two of the many pioneers for women’s boxing and this fight is more than worthy of the attention from both fans and enthusiasts!

By: Garrisson Bland

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