Jackie Nava vs Marcela Acuña II Ends in a Draw!

Jackie Nava and Marcela Acuna Give The Fans a Good One

Marcela Acuña vs Jackie Nava 2
Marcela Acuña lands a straight right hand on Jackie Nava in the rematch.

Jackie Nava and Marcela Acuña battle to draw in rematch

Ten years after their first battle, Jackie Nava and Marcela Acuña would do it again! Would the results differ this go-around? Let’s Breakdown what happened in this highly anticipated rematch.

Acuña, who got the better of Nava back 2009 when she was the WBC super bantamweight champion, was looking to repeat that performance. As for Nava, she was out for revenge while trying to set the record straight.

The Breakdown

The first few rounds saw both women take very different approaches. Acuña came out looking to land big shots on her opponent, who instead came out throwing fast combinations. The only problem with that strategy is she gave up a few of those early rounds.

The positive, however, was when she would land her left hook and right-hand, she would push Nava back or stop her in her tracks. Nava didn’t have as much pop on her punches early. However, she was landing the crisper shots and being consistent in her approach.

Things started to heat up in the second half and this is where Acuña got herself back into the fight. She started to let her hands go with not only fast combinations, but powerful ones as well.

This didn’t deter Nava, who started landing hard shots of her own. In rounds nine and ten, both women traded blistering punches that had the crowd excited with what they were watching.

At the end though, no winner was decided as the fight was declared a draw. The scores were 96-94 for Acuña and 95-95×2. With this draw we may get to see a third and final match-up between these two great fighters!

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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