Kell Brook: “If You’ve Got A Belt, I’m Coming!”

Kell Brook Targeting Anyone With A Title!

Kell Brook
Kell Brook

Kell Brook lets everyone know he’s coming for a belt!

In the main event of the February 8 DAZN fight card Kell “The Special One” Brook (39-2, 27 KO’s) made a successful return to the ring.

The UK star snapped a 14-month stretch of inactivity with a seventh round stoppage of Mark “Bazooka” DeLuca (24-2, 13 KO’s). Not only was the Special One able to look impressive he was able to shake off a notable amount of ring rust.


Of course Brook himself was happy to return to the squared-circle in such impressive fashion. Clearly he wanted to come back with a solid win, and the knockout was just the cherry on top.

However, he was more concerned with fighting a smart and strategic bout rather than gunning for the KO straight out the gate as he explained in an exclusive interview with IFL TV.

“I think I definitely could have been better overall you know, but overall it was a clinical finish. The guy has never been stopped. He brought a big team over with him.

“He told Eddie he was going to destroy me and beat me into retirement and he’s never been beaten in that fashion.

“So, you know about a year and a half out and I’m only going to get better and better now. Instead of working on losing the weight I’m going to work on things I need to work on. You never stop learning in this game.

“It’s a chess match. We’ve got 12 rounds. It’s not a amateur fight. He’s a Marine, he’s tough and you don’t want to jump in and land on something stupid.

“It’s about chipping away, chipping away and the finish did come like I wanted it to come and it was clinical.

We need to be smarter. I’m getting older now, I need to be smarter. I need to be patient and the finish will come.”


One very interested party watching the bout from ringside was Liam “Beefy” Smith (29-2-1, 16 KO’s). Well before Brook could even get back to his dressing room to change from his ring trunks Smith was already expressing his desire to face him next.

In Smith’s estimation neither one of them is likely to get a shot at a world title next, so he felt that they were a logical next fight.

While Brook did not snub the potential fight he didn’t appear to be quite as gung-ho as Beefy was.

“You know, if it’s in the plans it’s in the plans. My overall goal, I’ve boxed Golovkin and Spence, come on! I’m not shying away from no fighter!

“You know these guys are going to call me out. I bring a lot to the table. Of course their going to be shouting me out. I’ve got a lot of respect for him. I hope he is not disrespecting me because I won’t disrespect him.

“I have a lot of respect for the family, but when I’m getting dates it’s business.

“If I do fight Smith, you know, my main thing is this year to become a two-time world champion and it’s in the belly, you know? It’s like I’ve got nothing but I’ve got everything, but I’m hunting for those belts.

“I don’t care if you got a belt, I’m coming! I’m not after one particular belt, if you’ve got a belt I’m coming!”

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what and who Brook chooses to take on next. Stay tuned to 3kingsboxing for all the latest news and updates.

By: Bakari Simpson

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