Kenny Ellis: “I Was With Calvin Ford; He’s Been Falsely Accused”

Kenny Ellis Is Adamant On Calvin Ford's Innocence

Kenny Ellis denies any wrongdoing by Calvin Ford
Kenny Ellis (L) claims Calvin Ford is being falsely accused | Credit: Youtube

Gervonta Davis Trainer Calvin Ford Arrested in Baltimore

WBA lightweight champion Abdul “Tank” Wahid, formerly known as Gervonta Davis, (29-0, 27KO), chief trainer, Coach Calvin Ford was arrested in Baltimore. However, trainer Kenny Ellis vehemently asserts that Ford is innocent.

The boxing world is abuzz with news of Ford’s arrest related to an incident in Las Vegas. Reports from October 16, 2023, indicate a warrant for Ford’s arrest on two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. 

On December 29, Baltimore police apprehended Ford as he left Upton Boxing Gym, where he trains multiple fighters. He is now awaiting transfer to Nevada.


In an interview on Fannon International Boxing, Ellis refutes any allegations against Ford, questioning the lack of his own arrest if the incident occurred as claimed.

“They picked him up on some false accusations that somebody accused him of doing…it was assault with a deadly weapon by two people. The question is if that happened and I was with Calvin, why am I not locked up.”

“Why am I not locked up, you understand? Why am I not locked up? Cause if something would have gone down that seriously, you know the code – we ride together. Nothing happened. I just want to let the people know he’s been falsely accused, and the truth will rise to the top.”

The pressing concern now is how these charges might impact plans for Davis’s upcoming fights. On January 1, Tank was elevated by the WBA to Super champion status. The belief is Tank could be headed for a possible rematch with top contender Isaac Cruz.

2024 is off to a rocky start for team Davis, as Ford’s recent felony charges could potentially lead to delays in their upcoming plans.

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