“Conflict Of Interest!”: De La Hoya On Mayweather & Garcia Video

Oscar De La Hoya Sees Mayweather Potentially Poaching!

Oscar De La Hoya spills on Floyd Mayweather and Ryan Garcia
Oscar De La Hoya spills on Floyd Mayweather and Ryan Garcia | credit: CNN, Instagram

Oscar De La Hoya Fears Mayweather Relationship with Garcia

In an incident that has now gone somewhat viral, super lightweight fighter “King Ry” Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KO’s) was recorded running miles with former boxing superstar and current promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr.. The whole episode seemed innocent enough and nothing overly dramatic took place. Nevertheless, Oscar De La Hoya, Garcia’s Golden Boy promoter, thinks there is a possibility for treachery. It certainly doesn’t help that King Ry and De La Hoya’s relationship is rockier than ever.

“If Floyd Mayweather Jr. is actively promoting and is still a promoter, which I am not sure because Al Haymon doesn’t have dates until March, so I don’t know what Floyd Mayweather Jr. is doing in the meantime. Look, back in the day, in my book, that was conflict of interest! Back in my day we might put you on notice because promoters are talking to our fighters, are poaching!”


Just looking at the scene from a business standpoint, De La Hoya’s train of thought is rather sound. Given the amount of attention that Garcia garners these days, it only makes sense the GBP brass wouldn’t want King Ry rubbing elbows with the competition throughout the city. This is sharply underscored by De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s rivalry that began during their fighting days and bled into their promoting days.

Back on May 5, 2007 Mayweather Jr. would collect a split decision over De La Hoya in a bout that would kick off his status as a true superstar in the sport. Later, Premier Boxing Champions, who Mayweather Jr. is fully apart of, would finesse a huge portion of the Golden Boy Promotions stable that led to a huge $300 millions dollar lawsuit back in 2015. Ultimately, the lawsuit was dismissed and De La Hoya walked away with a great deal of animosity.


Naturally, it makes sense that De La Hoya is not showing all his teeth that Garcia is literally running around with Mayweather Jr.. In the end though, the Golden Boy Promotion founder opted to go the political route and played nice. It will be interesting to see if anything of note does develop out of this recent encounter.

“But I don’t think that’s the case. I think that it’s great that Ryan and Floyd are running together because he can soak up all the knowledge from Floyd. A young kid who can be amongst greats is always a positive for me.”

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