Derrick James vs Kenny Porter Almost Becomes PPV Co-Main Event!

Kenny Porter Confronts Derrick James For His Words!

Derrick James and Kenny Porter (
Derrick James (left) and Kenny Porter (right).

Kenny Porter nearly attacks Derrick James for his statements about his relationship with Shawn Porter!

In an interview with Fight Hub TV, trainer for IBF welterweight champion Derrick James channeled his inner Suge Knight as he sounded off about the relationship between WBC welterweight champion Shawn Porter and his father/trainer Kenny Porter.

The two are known for being very close with the Kenny taking an authoritarian approach similar to Tiger and Eldridge Woods, or Venus and Serena Williams with Richard Williams. Regardless of how you feel about the Porters, they’ve been successful so far.

James made several provocative statements about the duo and Shawn’s fighting style. When asked about how Shawn fights James responded.

“C’mon man! Nobody’s a fan of that.”

He mentioned something about Lebron James coming to the fight. Lebron James might be your friend but he’s not your fan! Nobody’s a fan of that style of boxing, other than somebody who’s a mauler also. But we’re prepared for that.”

On Errol Spence’s prediction that he’s going to stop Shawn Porter.

“My prediction is whatever Errol says. If he says he’s gonna knock him out he’s gonna knock him out. See it’s not about how much you swim or jump rope. He [Porter] can’t block a punch!”

The most eyebrow raising comments came when James was asked about Kenny Porter.

“What do want me to say? He’s gotten himself into an awkward situation. The way this thing works is the trainer works for the fighter. The manager works for the fighter. The fighter doesn’t have to let an employee talk to him like that. Over here we have an order where we are. So if he [Shawn Porter] wants to be treated like a real man somebody’s gonna respect him, then he needs to come over where we are.”

This statement was very reminiscent of Suge Knight’s epic rant about music promoters wanting to dance and be all in their artists videos!

Post the final presser, affiliate Ricardo Mohammed reported an altercation between Kenny and James had ensued. It was believed the event happened over these very statements made about the relationship between the father/son duo.

Soon after things were back to normal, however, the intrigue for this pay-per-view event has definitely peaked! Although we may not get to see the two trainers square off, the motivation needed to make this one of the best fights of 2019 is certainly there!

By: Corey Cunningham

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  2. Spence is the best Welterweight he isnt ducking. I think if Crawford really wanted Spence he would have signed with PBC so the fight is easy to make. Signing with TopRank is like saying he dont want to fight top welterweights.

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