Kenshiro Teraji vs Michael Carbajal: 3Kings Boxing Fantasy Matchup

Could Kenshiro Teraji Beat a Prime Michael Carbajal?

kenshiro Teraji versus Michael Carbajal in a fantasy match up
Kenshiro Teraji versus Michael Carbajal 3Kings Boxing fantasy match up.

How Would Teraji Fare Against The Legendary Michael Carbajal?

Following reigning unified light flyweight champion Kenshiro “The Amazing Boy” Teraji’s (23-1, 14 KOs) exciting majority decision win over Carlos Canizales, some in the boxing community feel that Teraji has solidified his standing as a future Hall of Famer. If he has cemented himself as one the best to have ever fought at 108, who would win a dream fight between The Amazing Boy and light flyweight great and current Hall of Famer Michael “Manitas De Piedra” Carbajal (49-4, 33 KOs)?


For younger fans unfamiliar with Carbajal, he is considered one of the elite fighters of the 1990s. A one-time unified champion at 108, he was universally named Fighter of the Year for 1993. Older pundits of the sport often credit Manitas De Piedra for helping bring the spotlight to boxing’s lower-weight divisions

Carbajal was a boxer-puncher. He had an excellent jab and was a very fluid combination puncher. What made him elite was his inside fighting skills. A tall fighter for the division, Carbajal had a vicious body attack. The pride of Phoenix, Arizona had a warrior’s spirit and could dig down deep and overcome adversity. The man carried plenty of power in both hands but also had a heck of a chin. 

Teraji shares many of Carbajal’s attributes. The reigning unified champion from Japan can showcase his boxing skills from a distance. But he also can break down his opponents in close quarters. As Teraji showed in his recent win over Canizales, the Japanese superstar has plenty of heart and will. 


The difference is the faster feet of Teraji. Neither fighter is elite when it comes to defense. But Teraji is more athletic and better at using side-to-side movement to create angles for his combinations. 

Carbajal would have his moments for sure and has the better chin. They are equal in the power department. But in the end, a disciplined and intelligent Teraji wins by decision.

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