Krassyuk: “The Low Blow Was Done Intentionally; The Ref Did Not Perform Well!”

Krassyuk Says Dubois is a Dirty Fighter!

Alexander Krassyuk says Daniel Dubois intentionally delivered Oleksandr Usyk a low blow
Alexander Krassyuk says Daniel Dubois intentionally delivered Oleksandr Usyk a low blow | credit: TNT Sport, Richard Pelham/The Sun

Krassyuk Says Dubois Meant to Defeat Usyk with Low Blow

On the other side of the bout between unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk (21-0, 14 KO’s) and “Dynamite” Daniel Dubois (19-2, 18 KO’s) there was controversy to discuss. This came in the form of a low-blow ruling that has fragmentized the boxing world into opposing camps. Many feel that Dubois landed a clean hook to the belly which put down Usyk and should have resulted in a count out and new champion. The other side, which includes Usyk promoter Alexander Krassyuk, believe that the punch was low and the several minutes that the champ was given to recover was perfectly appropriate.

In fact when speaking with Fight Hub TV, Krassyuk emphasized that not only was the blow illegal, Dubois did not receive a stern enough rebuke.

“It [low blows] happen all the time in boxing so people can punch two, three times [below the belt]. But when it’s done intentionally, and it was done intentionally, you know what, the referee did not perform good. It’s not for me to decide but [referee] Luis Pabon had to take off two points for that. If he doesn’t take off two points, [it] means the guy is not punished and if he is not punished, he keeps throwing illegal blows. Which he did, twice.”

“Well, if you are that thirsty for the victory then you can justify it like this, but it’s boxing. It’s a pure sport and we have to keep it pure. Just imagine for one moment that Dubois is declared the winner for hitting someone below the belt, is that okay? No! Would people respect it? No! Would it bring any benefit to the sport? Definitely not! So it is what it is!”


There is little doubt that this hot topic will rage for some time. Sadly for Team Dubois though, it will likely require a minor miracle for this call to be overturned or for him to be supplied with a rematch. Adding more weight to woes, aside from the controversial call, many are once again labeling Dynamite a quitter.

In his first loss to Joe Joyce, Dubois was socked with a jab and went to his knee only to be counted out. Dubois was revealed to be suffering from a broken orbital bone. Similar to this situation some felt the damage warranted his decision, while another sizable body of fans felt that as a gladiator he should have soldiered on. Now, having been stopped with a jab for the second time many feel that Dubois made the purposeful decision to quit rather than bite down and continue with the fight. It will be interesting to see what happens with this specific situation and Dynamite’s immediate career to follow.


As for Usyk, like welterweight Keith Thurman, there is an excellent probability that he’ll carry a stigma for being weak to the body following this match. While there was the single inflammatory punch in the fifth, Dubois hit Usyk with a bevy of clean body shots in several other rounds that clearly caused the champion discomfort and distress. To the unified champion’s credit, he did bite down and walk through fire, but that doesn’t negate the fact he had to take that hot stroll in the first place.

So now, let’s see if Usyk can land the fight he really wants to crown an undisputed champion with WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, or if the southpaw Ukrainian champion tests his might against IBF mandatory Filip Hrgovic. In any case, stay tuned to 3Kings Boxing for all the latest developments.

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