Sergey Lipinets Gets Stoppage Victory; Lamont Peterson Retires!

Sergey Lipinets Stops Lamont Peterson in Ten

Sergey Lipintes Defeats Lamont Peterson
Sergey Lipinets (left) stops and retires Lamont Peterson (right).

Sergey Lipinets stops and retires Lamont Peterson!

In a crossroads fight at welterweight, 35 year-old two-division champion Lamont Peterson squared off with former IBF junior welterweight champion Sergey Lipinets. This being his first fight since losing by knockout to Errol Spence in January 2018.

Similar to Adrien Broner, Peterson seems to be in a difficult period in his career. The talent pool at welterweight and junior welterweight is really competitive to where the former champion may have a tough time defeating the top fighters in either division.

Furthermore, he is too small to jump to junior middleweight and too big to move down to lightweight. Therefore, here we are in a good match-up, however, one that is not for any recognizable achievement.

To start, Peterson utilized the style we have gotten used to him employing at his advanced age. He sat in the pocket and invited Lipinets into some toe-to-toe action.

Breaking this fight down based on advantages and disadvantages, one would think Peterson would revert back to the fighter of old by electing to box from a distance. In addition to utilizing more foot movement and pivoting to create angles. This would allow him to enjoy a two-inch height and five-inch reach advantage.

Although sitting in the pocket made for a VERY exciting fight, it gave Lipinets unnecessary opportunities. Opportunities the Russian fighter was more than willing to exploit. He would quickly get to work; producing a high work-rate and forcing his opponent to have to keep up the pace.

However, by drawing Lipinets in, he was able to get some great body work in early that paid dividends later. The underdog seemed to be winded by round seven as his shots started to look less structured and more wild.

On the flip-side, Lipinets never stopped working! Though his opponent appeared to landed more shots (based on punch stats), he seemed to have done more damage! As the fight wore on, it became obvious the game-plan of Peterson was definitely not an intelligent one!

In round 9, he hurt Peterson with a short right hook that had him staggering across the ring. Lipinets went into “kill mode” and basically tired himself out trying to capitalize on his wounded prey. The DC native would survive the round, however, it was evident that if he did not get out of the pocket soon, he may be stopped!

He didn’t change his approach! The very next round, the Russian would land a compact left hook that turned his opponent around as he staggered against the ropes. Lipinets would stalk him until one last right hand put Peterson on his back.

Trainer Barry Hunter IMMEDIATELY threw in the towel, putting an abrupt end to the fight. Unsurprisingly, this would not only be the end of the fight but the end of the career of Lamont Peterson.

He would say after Lipinets was announced the winner:

“Today is the day. I am sure it’s time for me to hang them up. Thank you for everything!”

Fifteen years as a professional produced three reigns as a champion in two weight divisions. would like to congratulate Lamont Peterson for a successful career and thank him for this last exciting bout!

By: EJ Williams

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