Erickson Lubin: “I’ll Be Back! Ain’t No Quit In Me!”

We Have Not Heard the Last of Erickson Lubin!

Erickson Lubin flexes at weigh-in for fight with Sebastian Fundora
Erickson Lubin | Credit: Esther Lin/Showtime

Erickson Lubin Vows To Return Better Than Ever!

During his last tour of in-ring duty, super welterweight fighter Erickson “The Hammer” Lubin (24-0, 17 KO’s) suffered his second detrimental professional loss. This loss came at the very busy hands of Sebastian Fundora in the highly anticipated PBC main event. It was a crushing defeat because it took him nearly five years to get back to. His first loss, to Jermell Charlo, came in his first attempt at a world title. In the bout versus Charlo, after beginning well, Lubin was caught and flattened by a picture-perfect right uppercut in the very first round.

Being the 21-year-old boxer that he was in this social media crazed world, the way that he lost very well could have crushed his confidence. Instead, The Hammer put his head down, retained no-nonsense coach Kevin Cunningham, and dedicated himself to the long climb back to the top. Five years and six wins later, Lubin had clawed himself back to a wonderful position. Had he prevailed in the contest with Fundora, he would have been in perfect position to challenge the winner of Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano following their duel for undisputed.


Rather than getting his hand raised, The Hammer had the white towel thrown in at the conclusion of the ninth round. His chief second, Kevin Cunningham, did this because of the tremendous amount of damage that his face was taking. At the time of the surrender, Lubin’s face was giving way to a horrific amount of swelling. His heart and courage however, were not. There was no point in the match where Lubin showed even a glimmer of suggestion that he wanted or was looking for a way out of the fight.

Had that towel not flown, if need be, he was ready to go out on his shield. This is why it should not come as a great surprise to hear that The Hammer is once again preparing to put his head down and grind his way back to the top. Yet, not wanting to leave this notion to speculation, Lubin has taken to his social media to verify his intentions.

Erickson Lubin promises to return to the ring

Unsurprisingly, in the comment section below, a good number of current and very relevant fighters chimed-in to offer their tidbits of encouragement and good will. Boxing is certainly a gritty, unforgiving sport, but it’s great that it is thoroughly populated by never-say-die fighters such as Erickson Lubin! Now, let’s stay tuned and see what the tough Floridian can do in the next chapter of his career.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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