Machado KOs Evans; Calls Out Francisco Vargas

Alberto Machado stops Yuandale Evans
Alberto Machado stops Yuandale Evans in one round!

Alberto Machado vs Yuandale Evans

In round one, Yuandale Evans opens up extremely aggressively in posture and begins throwing hard combinations. Machado remains calm and lands his one-two. Evans hits the canvas and looks a little shaky.

Evans gets up and shows a little more caution but, his defense is not up to the test. Machado drops him again on a right hook followed by an overhand left. Evans gets up again, but looks to be in really bad shape. Without legs, Evans is a sitting target and Machado obliges with a one-two, sending Evans to the ropes. He closed the show with a lead uppercut to prop up Evans’s head then blasted him to the canvas with a right hook to settle matters.

The Puerto Rican champion stated he’d like to face Francisco Vargas next. Considering their styles, that fight has classic potential and would be a great addition to the Mexico vs Puerto Rico rivalry.

By: Corey Cunningham

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