Jessie Magdaleno: “I’m Ready For A Title Shot In September”

Jessie Magdaleno Hopes for a September Title Shot

Jessie Magdaleno
Jessie Magdaleno

Jessie Magdaleno Hopes for a September Title Shot

With his first fight in almost a year under his belt, former super bantamweight champion Jessie Magdaleno (28-1, 18 KO’s) is already to get back in the ring. Ideally, he would like to have a better, and more rule abiding, foe than he did with Yenifel “The Lightning” Vicente (36-5-2, 28 KO’s).


This is due to believing both that he is a better fighter when facing higher tier competition and because Magdaleno felt that Vincente was a very dirty adversary. Over the course of the fight, The Lightning had three points deducted and was ultimately disqualified for continuous low blows.

“He did take me out my rhythm with all the low blows and dirty tactics he was doing…I counted yesterday, I re-watched the fight, I counted a total of eight [low blows]! But I am a fighter man, I got to deal with what I got to deal and I got to keep pushing.”

“In the corner, I reached out to give him daps and stuff, but there was no apology from him, there was no nothing. I knew what he was doing was very intentional, that was his tactic. He couldn’t catch me, I was taunting him, I was talking mess to him, I was really getting in his head and I think that is why he didn’t have any remorse towards it. That’s what he had to do to slow me down and he seen that it didn’t work so he just had to keep doing it over and over.”


With the rough and unnecessarily brutal bout in his rear view mirror, Magdaleno can now begin focusing his attention on getting back in the ring. Outside of his tender nether region, the capable fighter took very little damage and would be available for a quick turnaround.

“I’m trying to get back by September, I want to be back in the ring by September. I want to stay active, I don’t want to waste any time. So if the world title is next, or maybe the beginning of next year I’m ready for whatever comes at me. But I would love to have the world title fight next.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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