Floyd Mayweather On Gervonta Davis: “Nothing Lasts Forever”

Floyd Mayweather Maintains Positive Outlook on Relationship with Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis looks towards Floyd Mayweather
Gervonta Davis looks towards Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Responds to the Gervonta Davis Contract News

In boxing, the relationship between a fighter and a promoter is forever fluid and dicey. One minute, things can be perfectly kosher. Next thing you know, you hear that there’s trouble in boxing paradise. This looks to be the case currently between current WBA Regular lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis and his promoter, Floyd Mayweather. More and more, it looks like the business relationship between the two is coming to an end.


Davis (26-0, 24 KOs) is preparing for his May 28 showdown with WBA lightweight challenger Rolando “Rolly” Romero (14-0, 12 KOs). But as 3Kings Boxing reported on March 25, Davis went on social media to declare that his contract with Mayweather and Mayweather Promotions is up. The 27-year-old also expressed frustration over how ticket sales are being handled for the upcoming fight with Romero. This has left fans talking aplenty.


During an exclusive interview with Fight Hype, Mayweather opined about Davis-Romero, saying that it’s going to be an exciting battle, a matchup between two guys who can bang. When asked about Davis’ recent comments, this is how the head of Mayweather Promotions responded:

“Nothing lasts forever. I will always love Tank. I like him, love him, look at him like a son. He has to do what’s best for him. I feel like I’ve done a great job thus far, I mean just building him and putting him in good fights, great fights, and he’s steady growing, steady learning, and I’m proud of him.”

Despite Mayweather’s claim that he’s put Davis in “great fights”, the promoter has his share of critics. The charge is that he has handled Tank with kid gloves and seems to be unwilling to pit him against elite fighters in and around his division. Pundits have noticed that when Davis is asked about his opponents during events with the press, Mayweather will often shift the conversation to how the fighter is becoming a cash cow.

It looks at this point that the fighter is ready to leave the proverbial boxing nest. Mayweather’s comments suggest he’s resigned to that impending reality. Can they make amends and keep the ball rolling? More than ever, that’s up for debate. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as Davis’ fight with Romero draws near. Stay tuned to 3Kings Boxing for further updates on this developing and fluid story.

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