Mayweather Sr Scouting Cleveland’s Mason Brothers!

Floyd Mayweather Sr on Cleveland Scouting Mission

Cleveland's Mason brothers
Cleveland's Mason brothers

Floyd Mayweather Sr on Cleveland Scouting Mission

It’s no secret that Ohio has a rich boxing history. Over the years, the Buckeye state has produced talents such as Aaron Pryor, Ezzard Charles, Shawn Porter, Darnell Boone, Kelly Pavlik, Albert Bell and Adrien Broner. Not to mention two of the most prolific figures in the history of the sport: Don King and Al Haymon. Both hail from Cleveland.

If we were to go a step further, and include the entire Midwest region, you would have to include the historic athletes and feats of Thomas Hearns, Gerald McClellan, Claressa Shields, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Joe Louis and the greatest Muhammad Ali. Needless to say, the area has a knack for producing top of the line fighters.

Even compared with this lush backdrop of talent, there is an all new phenomenon brewing in Cleveland that very well maybe be a boxing first. That phenomenon has come in the form of the five fighting Mason brothers! In the sweet science we have encountered dynamic father and son teams, and there certainly have existed brothers who have fought and achieved significant success. However, there has never before been five brothers who all are dripping with talent.

The Mason’s consist of Amir (22), Adil (20), Abdurrahman (16), Abdullah (15) and Ibrahim (13). So great is the skill of these dynamic young men that Floyd Mayweather Sr himself is traveling from his Las Vegas stronghold on a personal scouting mission for the Money Team. You see, these young men have been making quite a bit noise on the national level for some time. So much noise, that Senior had to come see what the fuss was all about with his own eyes.

While Floyd Sr seeks to witness all of the siblings first hand, he is taking particular interest in Amir Mason. Amir is the closest to turning pro. The eldest brother is a 2-time Cleveland area Golden Gloves champion. He also was recently named the ‘Most Valuable Fighter’ in the 2019 Cleveland Golden Gloves.

Once in town, Floyd will scout Amir and his four brothers at the innovative new showcase The Next Generation: Cleveland vs Canada. This is the sophomore production of the unique venue which premiered on February 23, 2019. Amir fought, and beat his local rival Armond Richard, in the headlining fight of the inaugural event.

What sets The Next Generation apart from any other amateur boxing card is the treatment that the fighters receive. Here, the boxers and audience get to experience virtually all the frills of a professional fight. There will be hot food available, a full bar, a live DJ, ring walks to theme music, ring card girls and actual belts go to the winners.

At the event, on July 13, Floyd Mayweather Sr will serve as a co-host. Mayweather Jr is expected to watch via Face Time. Attendees are expecting a fun and exciting event that just might give rise to the next superstar in boxing!

By: Bakari Simpson

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