Plant Insists He’s Not Overlooking Lee!

Caleb Plant Looking to Make History

Caleb Plant
Caleb Plant

Caleb Plant Looking to Make History

As his July 20 assignment is speeding toward him, IBF super middleweight champion Caleb “Sweet Hands” Plant (18-0, 10 KO’s) is bubbling over with confidence. On that date, Plant will face the challenge of Mike “White Bear” (21-0, 11 KO’s) Lee at the MGM Grand located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The prizefight will stand as Sweet Hands first title defense, a title which he forcefully took off of Jose Uzcategui by way unanimous decision win.

In the build-up to the showdown, Plant has repeatedly insisted that the White Bear is not on his level. Not only has Sweet Hands stated that Lee will lose, he is adamant that he will lose by stoppage. Despite his rough forecast, Plant reassures that he is not being cocky, overzealous or overlooking his next foe. Instead, the Nashville native simply has his mind set on making boxing history. However, to accomplish his lofty goals, he must first blast the White Bear out of the way.

Writing History

“It was not ‘the’ goal to become world champion, it was ‘a’ goal. I’m looking to become the first undisputed super middleweight champion in the history of boxing and you don’t get that way by overlooking.”

Naturally, Lee has taken a good measure of offense to what sounds like such dismissive talks. Over the course of the fight’s build-up, and at the official pressers, Plant has become a broken record on the topic. He consistently reiterates how Lee is not on his level in terms of boxing skill. The IBF champion’s criticism extends beyond snubbing Lee’s relative boxing acumen. Plant has also often harped on Lee’s college education.

He insists that Lee’s college degree is tantamount to have an emergency exit from the sport of boxing. The talking point seems to have become something of an irritant for Lee. However, Plant has made it quite clear that he could not careless about natural light heavyweights feelings or opinions.

“I wasn’t up there talking mess. I wasn’t talking nonsense, I was up there stating facts. So, if what I said go under his skin, it may be for a reason, so he can get mad all he wants. Do something about it this fight.”

On July 20, the two will have the chance to figure out once and for all who has the skill and will to walk away with the IBF strap. Plant v Lee will serve as the headlining bout, to be aired on FOX, which will serve as the free telecast directly leading into the Pacquiao v Thurman pay-per-view event on the same day.

By: Bakari Simpson

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