McKinson: “My Lack Of Knockouts Shouldn’t Affect Me Being World Class”

McKinson Says he Never Needed Knockouts to Win Comfortably

Michael McKinson looks confident
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Michael McKinson Sees No Problem with his Lack of Knockouts

In his next in-ring assignment, UK welterweight fighter Michael McKinson (22-0, 2 KO’s) will test his might against the ferocity of Vergil Ortiz Jr (18-0, 18 KO’s). There are some factors about his dustup that will jump out to some folks, such as this is only the second time that McKinson has fought in America, or the number of undefeated boxers that he’s beaten. Yet, for the majority, the most absolutely glaring aspect of his upcoming match is their radically different knockout ratios.

Thus far, Ortiz Jr., ranked #1 (WBO), #1 (WBA), #2 (WBC) and #3 (IBF) has flattened every single one of his eighteen professional opponents. On the flipside, McKinson has only stopped two of twenty-two previous adversaries. Naturally, this would lead the average observer to believe that there will be a massive difference in punching power. Going a step further, the numbers would suggest that the would-be ‘feather-fisted’ McKinson is at a server disadvantage. Yet, in a recent media round table the UK fighter explained how this could not be further from the truth.

“I’ve fought bigger, stronger, big punchers, sparred big punchers, I’ve been in the ring with big guys my whole life. The reason that I’ve got two knockouts, it’s not that I can’t punch; it’s because it’s been so easy out-pointing these guys. And I say that it’s been easy, but I’ve been comfortable as I’ve stepped up levels. You can look back at twenty-two fights and if you could find a fight where I’ve looked vulnerable and I look uncomfortable and I’ve had to dig deep then please show me…I don’t think my lack of knockouts has affected my rise, so it shouldn’t affect me being at the world class level.”

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