The Meteoric Rise Of Shadasia Green

Shadasia Green: The Talent That Came Out Of Nowhere!

Collage of Shadasia Green Amanda Serrano Jake Paul
Shadasia Green (Credit: IG - shadasia_green) | Green, Amanda Serrano and Jake Paul (Credit: MVP).

The Rise Of Hard-Hitting Super Middleweight Shadasia Green

After rocking Madison Square Garden with explosive punches, dogged determination, and a TKO of former unified super middleweight champion Elin Cederroos, Shadasia Green has been riding a wave of newfound popularity. Now she’s 13-0 with eleven knockouts and has been dubbed “The Sweet Terminator” by Jake Paul. She’s signed onto Paul’s “MVP” banner, beefing with other champs, and on a path to glory. Her punches have been rated the hardest in women’s boxing, and she’s definitely following in the footsteps of her idols Sugar Ray Leonard and George Foreman. 

Yet, Shadasia is a surprise contender who has seemingly come out of nowhere. Few had even heard of her before 2023. So, where did Shadasia Green start, how did she get here, and how does she smash those punching bags so well?

Before Boxing It Was Basketball 

Shadasia has been boxing since her early teens, but it started as a supplement for her basketball career. It was another way to keep in shape, but when she fell in love with the sport, and the Olympics opened up to Women’s Boxing, her mom said no. Her boxing practice began at a time when Green’s basketball playing was paying off, and she was getting offered full scholarships from schools around the country. Because of this, her mother made Green promise her she’d attain a Bachelor’s degree before becoming a pro boxer, and that’s what she did. Now, her mom is ringside at every match, calling out and coaching where she can. 

So, is Shadasia Green still playing basketball? The truth is that it was always boxing for her, and if she’s still shooting hoops, we haven’t seen it. Either way, there’s no doubt that her play on the court did wonders for her precision and footwork in the ring.

Sweet Action and The Sweet Terminator

When Green first started training seriously, her coach, Barry Porter, had her study the ‘Sweet Science’, following in the footsteps of boxing greats like Willy Pep, Sugar Ray Leonard, Ray Robinson, Pernell Whitaker, George Foreman, and James Toney. The goal is defensive, technically sound boxing and her hard hits were just a surprise bonus from learning the style.

Because of her mastery of the sweet style, Porter gave Green her first nickname: Sweet Action. When Shadasia started in the pro circuit, the “Action” fell off, and soon after Jake Paul suggested “The Terminator”. But to keep her roots, Green tossed back nicknames like “Sweets the Terminator” – and Paul liked the ring of “The Sweet Terminator”, so, it stuck.

Heavyweight and Team USA

Before she was a super middleweight star, Green was 50 pounds heavier and boxing in the heavyweight division for Team USA. She was gunning for the olympics and she won silver at the 2016 AIBA Boxing World Championships. 

Her time on Team USA also allowed her to spar with super middleweight champions Claressa Shields and Crews Dezurn, both of which she hopes to fight one day.

“If I stay focused and on the right track and do what I’m supposed to do, I’ll be a super middleweight undisputed world champion before the next year.”

Shadasia Green – Top Women’s Super Middleweight Contender

Explosive Secret & Current Workout Regime

Shadasia Green has only shared snips and clips of her routines on Instagram, but what we’ve seen might explain her explosive power. In the gym she’s hanging a barbell then pushing it from below in a way that targets her traps and shoulder muscles. It’s an unusual technique, but one that forges strong stabiliser muscles. 

Besides that she’s using a trap bar for twists, doing single leg-raise crunches for that quick snap of the hips, using slam balls for raw arm power, and doing a lot of heavy bag work. Then when she’s training in the ring, she’s sparring, shadowboxing, and being coached with focus mitts and body protectors. Green also makes sure to add a little bit of jump rope to every single one of her workouts to maintain her speed, agility, and endurance. A favourite training technique of many pro boxers across the globe, jump rope training is also a carryover from her balling days.

What Is Her Current Diet?

Truth be told, there’s not much public information available about Shadasia Green’s diet. The boxer herself hasn’t commented on her diet in very many interviews to date, nor on social media. However, we know what’s standard for super middleweight. Their average breakfast is typically a barrage of complex carbs. That means overnight oats and dried fruit, or scrambled eggs and green juices. 

Lunch might be a fortified salad of vegetables and nutrient-dense nuts. Between each meal is a workout, and after lunch a recovery shake is common. But dinner is the big one. This is where the bulk of the day’s protein is packed in and your body starts building and repairing. Fish, burgers, pasta, potatoes, and rich meats like liver. Light heavyweight champ Andre Ward even goes so far as to drink a liver and banana shake everyday. Regardless, pro fighters do what it takes, both in and out of the ring or the training gym!

Despite Shadasia’s pristine run of wins, reigning undisputed middleweight champ Claressa Shields has been taunting Green lately with comments like “All your performances are low tier”. Hype is building for a Green vs Shields match, and if it happens, we might just see the crowning of a new super middleweight champion.

But will the Sweet Terminator be able to terminate the self-proclaimed Greatest Woman Of All Time? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

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