Mikaela Mayer: “I Am The Best In This Division”

Mikaela Mayer ready to bring home the title

Mikaela Mayer
Mikaela Mayer

Mikaela Mayer ready to bring home the title

If you have been following women’s boxing, then the Top Rank fighter name Mikaela Mayer (13-0, 5ko) should be familiar. If not, go to any social media platform and you will see the former 2016 Olympian putting the champions of the division on notice.


The former Olympian was first looking to fight WBC junior lightweight champion Eva Wahlstrom (23-2-2, 3ko). However, for some unexplained reason, that fight went to Terri Harper (10-0-1, 5ko), who was victorious in becoming the new WBC champion. This also meant that Mayer put a laser beam red dot on the new champion. The social media feud between her and Team Harper got so heated that the Top Rank fighter called the WBC champion’s trainer a clown and issued a piece of advice.

“Go teach your boxer how to fight on the inside instead of playing on social media.”

It did not help matters when the WBC champion told the Top Rank fighter to “come back once you’ve got your world title.”


Well, as fate would intervene, the WBO ordered its champion Ewa Brodnicka (19-0, 2 ko) to face the Top Rank boxer, and this was perfect timing. Mayer, right on cue, took to social media promoting this fight by calling out the WBO champion for going virtually quiet.


Mayer is extremely confident in her ability to dethrone the WBO champion and broke it down as to why her belief in herself is strong.

“I’ve seen her fight, it’s not really about her. It’s about me and where I am in my career, and how much I’ve developed over the last couple of years.”

“I’ve been working hard and I’m peaking as an athlete. Like, I’m really coming into my own, so it’s really not about Ewa. It’s really about me.”

She also explained how the coaches keep her ready for anything.

“They always train me like I’m going up against someone amazing, and I always have to be like ‘guys don’t worry. Relax, I got this’. That’s what good coaches do, they look at everything. Ewa Brodnicka does really well and they’re acting as if she does even better than what she actually does it.”

Now, the former Olympian has made it clear that the fight will not go the distance, and come fight night October 31, at The Bubble in the MGM Grand, she is ready to back up all the talk.

“This is more about my journey, and where I feel I am as an athlete, and I feel I’m the best in this division. I just don’t feel anyone can beat me right now.”

By: Garrisson Bland

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